Tebow Time Ready For Prime Time?

So here’s the deal:

On December 18, the Broncos are scheduled to play the Patriots. There are huge expectations that the game will be flexed to NBC “Sunday Night Football,” probably thanks to that Tebow guy.

Here’s the thing: CBS is appealing to keep the game on its roster, and with good reason: CBS has owned-and-operated stations (or “O&O’s, as they are affectionately called in media circles) in Denver and Boston. But NBC is claiming Denver is a “good market” for them. And, of course, it’s Tim Tebow. Why would you, on the grandest of NFL regular season stages, not want to spotlight a quarterback who, last I checked, Detroit notwithstanding, all he does is win games?

Meanwhile, I’m reading a conflicting report that, allegedly, CBS is protecting the Jets/Eagles game for Week 15 – or at least that was what they originally chose to protect before Tebowmania took the country by storm.

At any rate, the NFL is expected to make an official announcement no sooner than the conclusion of the Week 13 Monday night game between the Jaguars and the Chargers, reason being the latter team is involved with the Sunday night game originally scheduled for Week 15, the season finale at Qualcomm Stadium (even if they do manage to get in the playoffs) vs. the Ravens. I can’t imagine the result of the Jaguars/Chargers game having any bearing on the NFL’s decision on the Week 15 Sunday night game. And when you think about it, a potent yet aging Baltimore team going up against a Chargers team that had lost (at least) six straight games, and has a lame-duck head coach and possible lame-duck general manager to boot, is certainly not a sexy option for primetime. (Translation: ESPN wishes they had the power to “flex” out of the Week 13 Monday night football game.)

That’s the one party you have to feel sorry for in the emergence of Tebow Time: ESPN. They only had one Broncos game on Monday night football, but that was way back in Week 1, B.C. (Before Changing their quarterback). With the Broncos getting national exposure on NFL Network, and possibly NBC, and even Fox cashing in on Tim Tebow in Week 13 (though NBC’s flexing Colts/Patriots for Lions/Saints had a hand in that – a rare AFC road game airing on Fox), you’d have to wonder if the Broncos will be scheduled for two, maybe three, games on Monday night in 2012.

Then again, it wouldn’t shock me at the very least if CBS ends up with just half of the Broncos’ regular season games in 2012.

The power of Tebow.

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