Fresh Off Return From Assault Charge Absence, Mike Milbury Exhibits "Blue" Language On NBC

Just what NBC NHL studio analyst Mike Milbury needs after an absence related to alleged assault of a kid at a youth hockey game: leaving out a very important letter when talking about the "blueshirts". Guess which letter.

While you were busy getting geared up for the annual NHL Winter Classic game – this year’s edition pitting the New York Rangers against the Philadelphia Flyers at Citizens Bank Park, where the Phillies play, and won a World Series four years ago – chances are, you may have been too busy to notice that Mike Milbury – just weeks removed from an allegation that he assaulted a 12-year-old boy at a youth hockey game in Massachusetts on December 9 – was back with NBC in his sports analyst role.

You may recall that the charges against the former Bruins player and coach and Islanders general manager were dropped one week after the news made the rounds on December 16. No sooner than they were, NBC promoted Milbury as being part of their coverage of the 2012 Winter Classic in Philly.

And if you didn’t notice Milbury’s presence on NBC during the pregame… his faux pas in referring to the nickname of the New York team certainly raised eyebrows. (Needless to say, the video is NSFW.)

I don’t think even Ron Jaworski would even mistake the “blueshirts” for the “blue shits.” And he’s an NFL guy.

No word if Milbury has issued an apology for his “blue” language.

And I’m also getting conflicting reports from folks on Twitter insisting that Milbury had said “blue ships” as opposed to “blue shits.” Yeah, that might work if the hockey team was in, say, New London, Connecticut.

You watch the video. You be the judge.

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