The Grammar Flag Is Out For FOX's Tony Siragusa

Broadcasters like Tony Siragusa should know better than to betray their circle of 26 friends known as the alphabet. During a playoff game in San Francisco, he was close to pronouncing the word “flag” and certainly did not earn himself a cigar.

I’m only going to post this one more time: When you’re a responsible broadcaster, be it in sports or any other field, don’t let your phonics fail you.

In other words, you’ve got 26 important friendships to mind: each and every letter of the alphabet. For if you were to neglect one of them when you really, really need it, there might be unfortunate consequences.

I’ve already had to give NBC’s Mike Milbury a type-lashing just two days into the new year. Now, I have to give a syntax scolding to Tony Siragusa.

In the second quarter of the Saints/49ers divisional playoff game on Saturday, Darren Sproles appeared to have lost a fumble after being tackled by a 49ers defensive player.

Siragusa, working the sidelines, as he is part of Fox’s No. 2 booth of Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston, announced to viewers that “the challenge flag is out.”

Except Tony left out a very important letter in that sentence… yep, the “L” in “flag.”

What boggles the mind is that Siragusa so freely pronounced an “L” less than a second prior to the word “flag” – two of them, in fact, back-to-back.

And consider this took place in San Francisco, which is known to have a huge gay/lesbian population.

Now, I’m sure Siragusa didn’t mean to offend any homosexuals with what he said (as opposed to people who crack jokes about gays on their radio show, and then follow it up with a less-than-sincere apology). And I’m sure if this was an ESPN game, Siragusa would be forced to make an apology no sooner than the next commercial break.

But I’m not suggesting that he should apologize for what came out of his mouth.

What he should apologize for, however, is betraying one of his 26 friends.

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