NASCAR Restructures A Tangled Turner Web

NASCAR has restructured and extended their partnership with Turner Sports, who had been managing NASCAR's digital and social media platforms since 2001. NASCAR will take full editorial control of these avenues starting next year.

For over a decade, NASCAR’s collection of digital media platforms, notably, as well as their social media platforms, have been controlled by Turner Sports.

Looks like things are about to take a “turn” for the better, not just for NASCAR, but for fans of the sport.

Today, NASCAR and Turner have announced “a restructuring and extension of their long-standing digital partnership,” according to a news release. Effective as early as 2013, NASCAR will take full editorial and business control of its digital and social media properties; Turner will continue managing advertising and sponsorship duties.

The new agreement also doubles as an extension of the two parties’ partnership through 2016.

SBNation’s Jeff Gluck does a great job in illustrating how much of a boon this NASCAR/Turner restructuring will be for fans; his piece can be read here.

In addition to their online work for NASCAR’s many platforms, Turner’s TNT also carries six NASCAR races annually.

Time will tell if this new deal will make Turner a “better partner” – much like the chairman of NASCAR wishes for ESPN to be.

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