Whitney Houston's Sudden Death Affected Sports Media, Too

The death of Whitney Houston was a hot topic amongst sports media on Saturday night.

The death of Grammy-winning recording artist Whitney Houston become a must-tweet topic to the average Twitter user, especially fellow musicians and entertainers.

But it also affected several sports personalities and columnists, as well.

And that’s because Whitney Houston, pronounced dead on Saturday night at age 48 upon her body reportedly being discovered in a bathtub, was one of three major voices of a generation, the 1980’s: Michael Jackson, who himself suffered a tragic death three years ago, and Madonna, who was one week removed from performing the halftime show at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, which became the most-watched halftime performance in the history of the big game.

Immediately, it was Houston’s rendition of the National Anthem prior to Super Bowl XXV twenty-one years ago (a.k.a. “the ‘wide right’ game”) that was the most collective memory among sports media. At that point, Houston was at the peak of her career. The following year, she would star in the motion picture “The Bodyguard”, in which she, fittingly, portrayed an award-winning singer.

On Saturday night, when news of her death broke, many well-known members of the sports media, be it by tweet or retweet, let their feelings be known about the passing of a musical icon. “Lunching in [Beverly] Hills, watching paramedics screech around the corner [with] sirens blaring, not knowing they were going to [attend to] Whitney Houston,” tweeted ESPN’s Michael Wilbon. “Sad.”

“Whitney Houston was a brilliant talent,” tweeted Wilbon’s ESPN colleague Dick Vitale. “Saw her in concert years ago. She was terrific. May she RIP.”

Even Jason Whitlock – in the midst of a Twitter controversy involving Knicks phenom Jeremy Lin – shares his devastation. “Whitney Houston? Wow. Sad. Damn.”

Perhaps the true feelings of the death of Houston, who had battled drug addiction in the latter half of her life, can be summed up by Dallas sports radio personality Gregg Williams, who himself had endured a similar phase in his life. “Addiction demons claim another victim,” he tweeted this morning. “RIP Whitney Houston.”

Here’s a selection of tweets from several notable sports media reacting to the news of Whitney Houston’s death.

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