Joe Buck Is Trying Awfully Hard To Make You Forget About "Joe Buck Live"

Joe Buck is quietly foraying into a career as a podcast host. He hopes to get the ball rolling as he co-hosts the midday show on KFNS in St. Louis this week. The bottom line: Buck is determined to overcome the failure that was "Joe Buck Live," canceled by HBO after just three episodes

Leading Fox Sports football and baseball boothmeister Joe Buck is currently in the midst of a personal offseason.

With another month of time to bide before he bows for his seventeenth season alongside Tim McCarver on April 7, Buck is experimenting with a new side project: talk radio.

He made his debut Monday as a sports radio talk show host on KFNS in St. Louis, where he was raised (trivia: he was born in St. Petersburg, which was the venue of spring training for the Cardinals at the time – his father Jack, of course, the voice of the Cardinals back then). And rather than having Tim McCarver as his partner for this program, it was local sports radio veteran Tim McKernan who joined Buck. The trial talk show airs this week only, live from 1-3 PM local time.

Monday afternoon alone, Buck schmoozed with Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, actor Charlie Sheen, and “NFL on Fox” co-host Howie Long. On Tuesday, Buck is scheduled to talk with another Fox colleague, his NFL boothmate Troy Aikman, with whom he will embark on an eleventh season calling games for Fox this fall. NBC’s Bob Costas is also scheduled to appear later this week on what is officially being called “The New Buck And McKernan Show.”

If you missed Monday’s show, it’s already archived for your listening pleasure. All of this week’s shows will be archived, as well.

And that’s part of the ambition that leads Buck to the temporary talk show gig on KFNS. If there’s favorable reception, Buck foresees hosting a podcast, of which up to three episodes per week could be produced. “Not that the world needs another podcast,” Buck told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I’m excited to get on [KFNS] and just talk freely with whoever we have on.”

Sports media figures hosting their own podcast is nothing new: NFL Network’s Rich Eisen has produced a successful podcast bearing his name, which just last year added a video simulcast airing on NFL Network at various times per week.

Buck will be ready to take that plunge. He admits he’s already put together a radio studio at his abode, “so there are ways I can do interviews from my basement whenever it works for whoever the guest may be and I can feed that in.” Additionally, a Buck podcast can benefit from being on location at the many football and baseball venues he broadcasts from year-round. “Hopefully, I’ll figure that out [the capability of incorporating interviews with athletes into his podcast] by October.”

It’s clear, Buck is highly optimistic that he will launch a podcast at some point this year, and possibly an opportunity for radio syndication down the road.

And who can blame him. Remember the last extra-curricular project Joe Buck brought us?

Exactly. That’s why Buck is hoping to be a very successful podcast pioneer… so that you can forget about this.

One comment on “Joe Buck Is Trying Awfully Hard To Make You Forget About "Joe Buck Live"

  1. Randy Abrams says:

    Back in early March, you clearly stated that your pod cast would be up and running in 4 -6 weeks …did you mean 4 – 6 years!! C’mon joe, your awesome but how much longer are we going to have to wait!!

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