Miami Alum Dan Sileo Is Talking Trash About Miami Alum Warren Sapp For Ratting Out Miami Alum Jeremy Shockey

Recently displaced from his gig as Tampa Bay sports radio host, Dan Sileo is finding ways to make his free time useful, like, picking a fight with University of Miami alum Warren Sapp, because he claimed that fellow Miami alum Jeremy Shockey was the "snitch" in the whole Saints "Bountygate" thing.

Remember how Warren Sapp got flak for reporting via his “source” that it was Jeremy Shockey, former Saints tight end most recently with the Panthers, who blew the whistle on the Saints “Bountygate” scandal?

Well, one person isn’t taking it sitting down. That person is newly unemployed Tampa Bay sports radio host Dan Sileo, who takes pride in his education at the University of Miami – so much so that he became incensed that one Hurricanes alum would throw a fellow Hurricanes alum under the bus.

“What a piece of SHIT Warren Sapp is,” he tweeted on Saturday, adding, “I spoke to some Saints coaches… WOW!”

Maybe if Sileo had credited “sources” like Sapp did, his claim might have held some water. (Not that we’re discrediting it.)

Sileo later responded to a follower that “Sapp pisses all over” his affiliation with the University of Miami.

That’s when Sapp trolled Sileo a little.

“Mad you can’t measure, little fella?”, Sapp asked.

Sapp had another question for Sileo, who informed another follower that he had attended Miami for two years: “Couldn’t pass the test to attend all four years?”

Sileo never responded to Sapp on either tweet directed to him. Yet Sileo found plenty of time to respond to his other followers… talking about things like… Warren Sapp.

Oh, and at one point, he claimed that “I was NOT FIRED for [that] monkey comment. I was [fired] because I refused to listen to CC [Clear Channel].”

Makes us wonder if Sileo would carry out this feud with Sapp on Twitter had he still been on the radio in Tampa.

Here’s a few screenshots of the Sileo/Sapp feud, along with replies from other tweeps.

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