Warren Sapp Saddled By Bountiful Debt, Files For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

We've noticed Warren Sapp has been gone from NFL Network for the past two weeks. Perhaps he needed that time to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as he owes $6.7 million to several creditors and former significant others. Or maybe NFLN did suspend him? He's got a new Twitter handle, by the way: @WarrenSapp.

Two weeks ago, we reported on how NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp, on the heels of calling out former Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey as the “snitch” in the team’s Bountygate scandal, has had his Twitter handle missing from the network’s chyrons.

This would be a good time to point out that last Wednesday, Sapp officially did away with his @QBKilla identity on Twitter, and changed it to the less fierce @WarrenSapp. Can’t help but wonder if that’s a result of the Shockey thing. I’m willing to bet that it’s directly related to NFL Network removing the now former Twitter handle from his chyrons.

Sapp has been virtually non-existent on the network since Saturday, March 24. (He does still appear in promos for “NFL Total Access,” so he’s still with the network.) Either he’s currently serving a suspension for the Shockey incident, or he’s taken a boatload of personal time. He certainly has more time than he knows what to do with, based on how much he’s been on Twitter lately.

In fact, today, we find the former defensive tackle in Florida where, TMZ reports, he has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Maybe this is what he meant when he tweeted on Wednesday that it’s “all down hill after today”?

Apparently, Sapp is in quite a bind: Not only does he owe over $6.7 million to several creditors, he currently has slightly less than that in assets to his name – among which include a boxing glove signed by Muhammad Ali, a lioness skin rug, twenty dozen pairs of Jordan footwear, and something TMZ describes as “large nude women painting.” Might we suggest holding a live repainting in order to raise some cash?

But wait, there’s more: Sapp claims that he lost not only the national championship ring he won in 1999 with the Miami Hurricanes, but also the Super Bowl ring he would win four years later with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The loss of the latter one is quite dubious since the NFL Network analysts who have Super Bowl experience regularly flaunt theirs on the set.

Speaking of NFL Network, Sapp disclosed in bankruptcy papers that he makes just $45,000 per month for his role as an NFL analyst (with or without a Twitter handle on his chyron) at the channel. And to make matters worse, he’s unsure if the network will sign him to a new deal when his current one expires in August. (Wonder if he would have that same mindset before the Shockey snit?)

Sapp also appears regularly on Showtime’s “Inside The NFL,” but he is equally unsure if he’ll be returning to that program.

Of the $6.7 million Sapp owes, roughly 14% of that is to the IRS, including over $850,000 owed in 2006, right in the middle of his four-year stint with the Oakland Raiders. Sapp retired from the NFL in 2008.

On top of that, Sapp is also on the hook for alimony and child support to four women, for upwards of $700,000 – and counting.

Certainly, Sapp is not the first athlete resorting to filing for bankruptcy after making seven or more figures in sports. In Sapp’s case, however, “misappropriation of funds” is quite an understatement. 240 pairs of Jordan sneakers? Yet, you won’t pay $240 or whatever the stipend is to your ex-wife? What a father figure.

Sapp has not responded to TMZ’s request for a comment. And with such a financial predicament on his shoulders, we certainly wouldn’t blame him. But you’re more than welcome to tweet him up on Twitter.

But remember – he’s not the “QBKilla” anymore.

Warren Sapp. From killing quarterbacks, to practically killing for a quarter. Keep him in your prayers.

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