Warren Sapp's Next Career Move: TV Judge

Newly bankrupt former NFL player and ex-NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp has come up with a creative way to generate funds for his creditors: he's starring in his own courtroom television show, "Judge Sapp," which was filmed in California last weekend.

Move over, Judy. There’s a new judge presiding – and he’s got his own legal issues.

The former defensive tackle, on the heels of losing his gig at NFL Network after he alleged that Jeremy Shockey was the Saints “Bountygate” whistleblower, must establish a new revenue stream somehow after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and this is how he’s going to do it: he’s becoming a television courtroom judge.

Yes, the man who once flourished with the ranks of Alan Branch and Albert Haynesworth, is now joining the likes of Joe Brown and Joseph Wapner.

Don’t believe me? Check out this photo he tweeted Sunday morning of him “in my chambers deliberating.”

Further proof that the show exists: An item on the website of Onset Productions, which appears to be behind the show, seeking a “paid audience” to attend tapings of the show, which according to Onset’s calendar of events, was filmed in Glendale, CA between April 27 and 29, with two tapings per day; no future tapings of the show have been scheduled for the month of May. Onset also arranges audience members for the currently-in-syndication “Steve Wilkos Show.” Wilkos, you may recall, became popular on “The Jerry Springer Show” during the late-90’s “fight” era, so much so that Steve pulled a Joey Tribbiana and decided to get his own show.

Anyway, a description on Onset’s site for “Judge Sapp” reads: “As a studio audience member, you will be watching and reacting to court cases as presiding Judge Warren Sapp decides who is right and wrong.”

Yeah, who better to decide who’s right and wrong than someone who made head-scratching financial decisions like springing for dozens of pairs of Jordans and a lioness skin rug. How would you like the fate of your freedom in the hands of a guy like that?

I also found what appears to be a rough draft for a show title animation for the program by Loop Design, which describes “Judge Sapp” as “an irreverent, sports-themed version of The People’s Court, with the honorable judge Warren Sapp presiding.”

You mean, the same honorable Warren Sapp that owes thousands of dollars in child support to five different women? Geez, what an honor.

I also found this Instagram of someone who appears to be a plaintiff being tried by Judge Sapp. “Warren Sapp was my judge [today],” wrote Heidi Monroe-Blanco, attached to a photo of a sign that reads, “Plaintiff Holding.”

And here’s another Instagram from someone who appears to be involved in the production of the show, Jamie Hall. “Break time with the ladies on Judge Sapp’s show!”

There’s going to be ladies on this program? Will they be called “The Bailiff Babes”?

Apparently, the first person on Earth who got wind of this show being produced is Los Angeles based actor and aspiring filmmaker Justin Pope. “Laugh out loud,” he tweets, “Warren Sapp is coming out with a judge show called Judge Sapp, ROTFL.”

Well, Justin, if somebody actually picks up this show, I’ll be ROTFL along with you.

4 comments on “Warren Sapp's Next Career Move: TV Judge

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  2. Isaac Mason says:

    I would like to be in the audience of this show!!!

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