Technical Error: Willie McGinest Says Buccaneers "Uploaded Their Team Dramatically"

NFL Network's Willie McGinest surreptitiously invented a new term for an old word on Friday's "NFL Total Access," suggesting that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, through the NFL Draft and free agency, "uploaded their team dramatically."

On a weekend in which the major blunder – or bunch of blunders – of focus came from Fox’s flagship TV station in Los Angeles, there was a verbal gaffe also emanating from Southern California, from the studios of NFL Network, that viewers of “NFL Total Access” as well as sports journalists, including this humble sports media blogger, never picked up on – until I watched it via DVR this morning.

On Friday’s edition of “Total Access,” analysts Warren Sapp – who, I should point out, not only appeared on every single installment this past week, but finally got his new Twitter handle, @WarrenSapp, displayed on his chyrons on the network – and Willie McGinest were debating which of the six new head coaches had the best chance of winning in 2012. Mind you, not winning the Super Bowl, merely making the playoffs, or just winning enough games to sniff .500, but just winning.

While Sapp chose the team that he spent the latter third of his NFL career with, the Oakland Raiders (under Dennis Allen), McGinest picked the team that drafted Sapp, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who will be led by Greg Schiano. “Arguably, they have [had] the best offseason,” explained McGinest, who spent the majority of his NFL career with the New England Patriots. “The thing that I’m excited about is that offensive line.”

Indeed, the addition of guard Carl Nicks improves the O-line, while former San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson, also signed through free agency, as well as the drafting of running back Doug Martin, should greatly improve their offensive production. “They’ll be able to run the ball,” said McGinest. And drafting Mark Barron with the seventh overall pick is a boon for their defensive unit.

All in all, McGinest likes the Bucs’ chances – though he used the wrong word to make that argument, as you’ll hear at around the 2:00 point of the video on

“They uploaded their team dramatically, defensively and offensively.”

“Uploaded.” Oops.

You can just picture Bucs general manager Mark Dominik going on The Pirate Bay, looking for potential players to add to their team.

Granted, we really shouldn’t jump on McGinest over this one. I understand where he was coming from: it was as if he actually combined the first syllable of the word “upgrade” (meaning ascent or improvement) and the second syllable of the word “frontload” (definition: “to assign costs or benefits to the early stages of, as a contract, project or time period”). So you can say McGinest invented a new word, or a new compound word, for an NFL team that makes multiple transactions in an effort to improve their team – they “upload” it.

Unfortunately for McGinest, the official definition of the word “upload” is related exclusively to digital content. And if that isn’t enough, check out the not-safe-for-work definitions of “upload” on Urban Dictionary.

And absolutely nobody on Twitter picked up on the verbal miscue on Friday. Perhaps it’s because when McGinest said the Buccaneers “uploaded their team dramatically,” it just kinda sounded right. Hence why we’ll go easy on Big Willie on this one.

Though it would probably be in the best interest of Merriam-Webster if all retired NFL players left the new word creations to Tim Tebow.

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