Swift Justice: Another Fox/Los Angeles Anchor Botches Kings Player's Name

With the Los Angeles Kings on the cusp of winning the Stanley Cup, you can say their goalie Jonathan Quick has swift reflexes. Maybe that's the point KTTV/Fox 11 Los Angeles anchor Christine Devine (inset) was trying to make, when she referred to him as "Jonathan Swift" on Monday night.

It happened. Again.

On Fox 11. Again.

This time, though, it wasn’t as glaring a mistake.

And unlike Liz Habib’s botchery three weeks ago, it involved only one player. And Christine Devine has a good alibi for her own Kings player gaffe on KTTV in Los Angeles at the top of the 10 PM newscast on Monday night.

“You can say the Kings made Quick work of the Devils at Staples Center tonight,” said anchor Carlos Amezcua.

Acknowledging Amezcua’s pun, Devine said, “That was cute!” Then she said this: “Kings goalie Jonathan Swift has outplayed his Hall of Fame counterpart in New Jersey.”

Not Jonathan Quick. Jonathan Swift.

Responding to a fan on Twitter earlier today, Devine admitted her mistake. “Yep, to my horror, that is what I said,” she explained. “We were crashing and burning with script changes, and got past me. Knew it the minute I read it.”

At first, however, Devine seemed to play it coy, replying to one eagle-eared viewer on Monday night who noticed her miscue: “Did that come off as clever or a mistake?”

For what it’s worth, Devine was leading into a Habib-handled Kings piece, in which Habib not only pronounced Jonathan Quick’s name with a bit of emphasis, but she also correctly pronounced Quick’s Devils counterpart, Martin Brodeur, three times. (She may have overdid the French accent, though.)

So, based on the grand total of one tweet to Devine bringing attention to her “Jonathan Swift” error, how come the reception was so lukewarm, until this afternoon?

Because Los Angeles-based syndicated sports radio host Jim Rome played the audio of it on his show.

Sure enough, in the third hour of Rome’s show today, Devine called in and owned up to her mistake.

“I’m so mad at myself,” Devine lamented on Twitter. “I’ve gone to many Kings games over the past 15 years, and we do Wednesday’s Child shoots every year.”

Perhaps because the gaffe was so subtle – let’s face it, “quick” and “swift” pretty much mean the same thing – die-hard Kings fans decided not to pile on. (Or perhaps they may have failed to notice it because it was so very subtle.)

Personally, I’ll let Ms. Devine slide on this offense, not just because of the number of statuettes in her collection, but the fact that she was woman enough to “man up” on a radio show when the host played audio of her “swift” mental relapse.

One thing is for certain: from maiming players’ names, to showing different team logos, to even showing footage of a different Kings team’s mascot in their highlight reel, this Kings Stanley Cup run is certainly bringing out a collection of bloopers from the local broadcast news outlets at an alarming rate.

And tonight, the eighth-seeded Kings just might win it all.

Which means there should be no more excuses for swift, er, quick thinking when broadcasting a piece on the Kings.

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