Darren Rovell's Social Media Consultant Bullies 15-Year-Old Via Facebook: "You're Probably Just Gay"

When you visit the personal website of Meredith Kenyon, you’re greeted with this title header: “Prepare to have your mind blown.”

That being said, prepare to have your mind blown.

A current student at St. John’s University, Kenyon has been working for Sports Illustrated under the official title of “social media intern” for the last month or so. And according to her LinkedIn profile, she’s been working as Darren Rovell’s “social media consultant” at CNBC for exactly one year and counting. (Important note: I’m hearing from a very reliable source that at this time, Kenyon is not working directly for CNBC or Rovell, but only in a “brainstorming” capacity – read the description on her LinkedIn page, and you be the judge.)

At any rate, we’ll see if the counting stops for either of these gigs once the lid is blown off of this development.

This was tweeted on Friday by Brad Wolff. It’s a screengrab of a Facebook message conversation he had on Thursday with Kenyon. According to his Facebook page (not linked here), Wolff is a “blogger/radio host at FanVsFan.com – which operates the corresponding Twitter account from which the screengrab emanates.

By the way, Wolff is only 15 years old. Keep that in mind.

Anyhow. Kenyon and Wolff engaged in a Facebook message back and forth, stemming from accusations that Kenyon has made suggesting that Wolff was behind another Twitter account, @ParkerKeen. The full conversation is at the bottom of this post, but here’s the vital exchange between the two that you should read:

Wolff: Whatever, Meredith. I’m telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, I apologize. If you don’t want to believe me, sucks for me. Great that my friend thought it was funny, and it punished me. Nothing I can do now.

Kenyon: “Oh, I thought you were nuts long before we saw that account.”

Wolff: “It was not my account. What’s wrong with me?”

Kenyon: “Nothing is wrong with you.

“You’re probably just gay.

“And that’s OK.

“Or mentally unstable.”

Wolff: “Neither. You’re really classy, though.”


I think all of that working for Darren Rovell and SI has gotten to Meredith Kenyon’s head. In fact, on May 16, she tweeted: “Working at Sports Illustrated has made me excellent at pretending to know who virtually everyone is.”

Breaking: Sports Illustrated intern and Darren Rovell’s personal coffee grabber Meredith Kenyon pretends to know who Brad Wolff is, fails.

Let’s not focus on what led up to this exchange (this is nothing like Wolff’s Facebook account being compromised and inadvertently ended up tagging Kenyon, among others, in a sneaker picture). Let’s focus on Kenyon’s response to Wolff’s openly wondering, “What’s wrong with me?”

“You’re probably just gay… And that’s OK… Or mentally unstable.”

From the sounds of this, it appears that, in Ms. Kenyon’s view, being gay is “wrong.” That’s not necessarily a badge of honor you want to wear on your sleeve when you’re representing Sports Illustrated or Darren Rovell.

Especially if you’re a social media consultant assisting with a Twitter account with, oh, just around a million followers or so.

Now, if she were a social media consultant for Caiden Cowger, we can see her expressing that point of view. Granted, it’s still one that shouldn’t be expressed in the public eye.

The thing about sending messages through Facebook is, unlike Twitter, you can’t unsend a message as easy as you can delete a tweet. So that’s likely why Kenyon threw in the “and that’s OK” message, realizing the message that she previously hit “send” on.

Nice move, “social media consultant.”

Did she mean to write to Wolff, “You’re probably just mentally unstable” without the “gay” reference? It doesn’t make it right. In fact, it’s just exhibiting bad people skills.

Now, I ask you: Just what on Earth is a person with bad people skills doing earning a living in social networking?

Especially if she flaunts “pretending to know who virtually everyone is”?

Yet she struck out in correctly guessing a random person’s sexual and mental orientations.

The fact of the matter is, you have no business going down that road when you’re representing any high-profile company, let alone Sports Illustrated.

Imagine: A “social media consultant” taking a homophobic potshot at someone through social media.

Not a good week for Darren Rovell. First, he finds out he’s been punked by a phony pimp, and now this rears its ugly head.

Maybe he should settle down this weekend with the latest edition of Playboy.

As for Ms. Kenyon… Maybe this issue of Newsweek will do.

Is your mind blown yet?

As promised, here’s the full exchange between Mr. Wolff and Ms. Kenyon, as forwarded to me by Wolff himself, who has also issued a statement regarding this kerfuffel. (You’ll notice from these screengrabs that, unlike the original screengrab that started all this, Ms. Kenyon’s profile picture is not visible here – which means that she’s blocked Mr. Wolff since this went public.)

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