Michelle Beadle On "Boomer And Carton": I "Don't Know" Erin Andrews, "Never Spoken With Her"

New NBC employee Michelle Beadle joined "The Boomer & Carton Show" on Friday morning to discuss her future with NBC Sports Network, as well as some of her past at ESPN - including a rumored fling with a Packers player that she has debunked.

In one of her first television interviews since her official departure from ESPN on June 1, Michelle Beadle, now on NBC Universal’s payroll, sat down with Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton on WFAN/MSG Network on Friday morning.

“I’m excited I get to come do this show,” Beadle exclaimed.

“Two weeks ago, you would not have,” said Esiason, alluding to the fact that ESPN’s mandate prohibited Beadle from appearing on any sports radio stations other than those affiliated with the Worldwide Leader.

Boomer then zinged a couple of Beadle’s former colleagues. “I’m surprised you actually wanted to stay in sports broadcasting after working with Michael Kay and Colin Cowherd.”

Beadle responded with a resounding “wow,” before admitting both Kay and Cowherd are “good tweeks” and “for me, they were always good.”

Later, Beadle shared a bit of advice for potential sports personalities: “It seems like, in this business, if they hate you, you’re actually better off.”

Carton lated opined that Cowherd, Beadle’s former “SportsNation” host, is “good at what he does,” before eventually saying that the “SportsNation” format “got old.” (As was reported two weeks ago, ESPN will likely replace Cowherd as “SportsNation” host next year, as he gets his own new show.)

One of the topics of discussion was her alleged exploits at an ESPY Awards party in Los Angeles last year, specifically, shacking up with Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, and subsequently drunkenly telling the team’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers, “I just wanna get f***ed”.

Or as Carton brought it up, “The video came out after the ESPY’s, and they said, oh, Michelle Beadle is hooking up with A.J. Hawk or whoever it is…”

When Carton asked if Beadle hooked up with any Packers players, she responded with a resounding “no,” before adding: “Because somebody decided to say something to the Internet, I looked like I was — it’s ridiculous.”

Esiason also relayed a question from a viewer/listener/ESPN fan: Is there a feud between you and Erin Andrews?

“I don’t know her, and I’ve never spoken with her,” Beadle replied.

(She also took the same stance on Keith Thibault’s “Sports Media Weekly” podcast a few weeks ago.)

Esiason then wondered, “Why is there a perception?” Carton then jumped in with the theory that Andrews is “a jealous woman.” Naturally, Beadle bubblingly declined to comment on that facet of the subject.

And Jenn Sterger, who once proclaimed that Beadle is “not quite as hot as me,” even came up in conversation. “That was fun,” giggled Beadle. “How is she doing?” Carton: “She’s bowling for cash.”

As for her immediate sports media future, Beadle confirmed that she starts on “Access Hollywood” on June 18, and after assisting with the NBC family of networks’ coverage of the London Olympics in the summer, she also confirmed that she will host “a new show in the fall” on NBC Sports Network.

Beadle promised that, as an “Access Hollywood” correspondent, she “will not be nice to” the Kardashians.

Let’s just say that she’ll be as nice to Kim, Khloe & Co. as Boomer is to Colin Cowherd and Michael Kay.

Click here to view the entire segment with Beadle on “Boomer & Carton” via MSG Network’s website.

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