Say Goodbye To Hollywood? Warren Sapp Fights Eviction From Florida Condo

Bankrupt NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp was in court in South Florida this week in the wake of a bank requesting foreclosure of his Hollywood, FL condo, as collateral for funds owed to them before Sapp filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. (Photos of the condo - including the toilet - courtesy of TMZ.)

Yes, it’s time for yet another Warren Sapp update here on Media Rantz. Because how can we let a full month go by without yet another post about the Super Bowl champion who mysteriously no longer has the hardware to show for it?

You all know his story by now: His naming Jeremy Shockey as the Saints’ Bountygate “snitch” was the first domino that fell. Before long, he went from crying “snitch” to poverty, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. And with Showtime recently dropping Sapp from their “Inside The NFL” program, his future at NFL Network remains in limbo.

Now, Sapp didn’t appear on NFLN’s “Total Access” this past week, but lately, the network has been having a knack for flip-flopping analysts on a week-to-week basis, so even with Sapp’s questionable status with the network, that’s nothing new. Still, you wonder how Sapp would be spending his free time last week. In this vdeo he posted on Thursday, he was spending a little time in South Beach. And now, thanks to the all-knowing TMZ, we know the main reason he was in Miami last week.

“HSBC bank,” so reports TMZ, “is on the attack, claiming Sapp… owes them $781,879.39 from before his filing. They are asking a judge to allow them to foreclose on his beachfront condo to help settle the score.”

That beachfront condo, mind you, is Sapp’s current residence, as listed on the document filed in bankruptcy court just over two months ago. And with that 33rd-floor condominium on South Ocean Drive serving as his primary residence, it should be exempt from creditors. Meanwhile, enter HSBC – a bank that doesn’t ever appear on a single page of Sapp’s 59-page bankruptcy report – coming out of nowhere and asking for over three quarters of a million dollars.

Well, QBKilla won’t take this laying down – on a bear-skin rug, or otherwise. As the TMZ piece continues: “The football legend filed a response this week, pleading with the judge to let him keep the fancy digs.” (No word if Sapp was actually looking in the mirror while making his case to hold onto his home.)

“Sapp claims he’s still living in it… despite not making payments on it since May 2011.”

So Warren Sapp has remained in his Hollywood, FL condo despite not paying a dime on it for over a year. I don’t think I’d be allowed to keep my apartment if I hadn’t paid the rent on it in over a month, do you?

Anyway, the TMZ report concludes that Sapp promised to maybe payments on the condo “as soon as he sorts out the bankruptcy.”

Meanwhile, does anyone else think it’s a good idea for Warren to tweet out links to videos on Viddy – the video-sharing service of which he owns 75,000 shares, according to the bankruptcy report – to share unauthorized videos of the Manny Pacquaio/Timothy Bradley fight?

That’ll be just what he needs – if it isn’t HSBC ganging up on him, it’s HBO.

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