Warren Sapp Trashes Georgia For No Apparent Reason

Warren Sapp told NFL Network viewers just how bad the Jacksonville Jaguars would be without their star running back Maurice Jones-Drew - and he did so at the expense of the state of Georgia. And we're still trying to figure out why.

You gotta give Warren Sapp credit. Even as his future with NFL Network is in limbo, he knows how to keep it informative and entertaining.

On Saturday’s edition of “NFL Total Access,” in which only the pre-recorded A-block consists of new material before giving way to replays of segments on the show over the previous week, Sapp, Heath Evans and host Andrew Siciliano were discussing which NFL player absent from this year’s minicamp, with the exception of Saints quarterback Drew Brees, had the most leverage for a new contract. It was basically a reconstruction of a conversation that the three had in the A-block of Wednesday’s “Total Access,” though there was no distinct change in the analysts’ answers to this question. While Evans chose Bears running back Matt Forte, Sapp argued in favor of Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

“You need MJD,” Sapp said. “He gets it done all day long, and without him in Jacksonville, [Shahid] Khan, the new owner, might be looking for a new player.”

Siciliano then mentioned that, despite Jones-Drew being the NFL’s leading rusher for the 2011-12 season, as Sapp has pointed out several times, the Jaguars still finished 5-11. “How much different are they gonna be without him?”, Siciliano asked Sapp.

“Without the NFL’s leading rusher, how bad will the Jacksonville Jaguars be,” said Sapp, in regurgitating Siciliano’s question back to him.

He then chose to answer that question with a question of his own.

“You know why the St. John River flows north, right? ‘Cause Georgia sucks.”

Added Sapp: “It’s one of those deals. Be careful. You don’t want your best player out of your camp. MJD must be in.”

While the “Georgia sucks” thing was enjoyed by all three men to the point that they were all fighting to sustain laughter (most notably Siciliano) going into the next item on Andrew Luck’s minicamp debut with the Colts, we’re still trying to figure out what relevance it has to Jones-Drew’s apparent holdout with the Jaguars. The joke sounds like it was invented by Florida Gators fans. Could it be that the joke makes sense because the Gators’ home base of Gainesville is just a few dozen miles away from Jacksonville?

The joke certainly doesn’t have any relevance to Jones-Drew, as he attended UCLA. And on the Jaguars’ current roster, there is one player from Florida (defensive lineman Jeremy Mincey) and two from Georgia (defensive tackle Corey Irwin and kicker Brandon Coutu). Now, if any of these three players were running backs, we could see how it may make sense in a very obscure way.

Heck, the Jaguars had a very feasible chance of landing the most visible Florida Gator of the last five years, Tim Tebow – of course, to no avail.

Sapp is a graduate of the University of Miami. Now, if he were a Gator, everybody would get the joke, this post that you’re reading right now might not even exist, and we would move on.

Or perhaps the joke was made not so much at the expense of Georgia, but perhaps for Sapp’s appreciation of the state of Florida. The virtually lifelong resident of the Sunshine State likes Florida so much, he has pictures of palm trees valued at $50 in his possession, according to his bankruptcy filing.

Hey, Heath Evans went to Auburn. Auburn has somewhat of a rivalry with Georgia. Maybe Sapp made the “Georgia Sucks” joke to get a chuckle out of Evans.

We know this much: If NFL Network doesn’t retain Warren Sapp’s services this summer, we hope he continues bringing the funny if he’s on another sports network – or he’s a counterfeit judge.

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