San Antonio Newspaper's Real Estate Section Takes Dig At Spurs

As the town of San Antonio is frustrated that Tony Parker and the Spurs are not in this year's NBA Finals, their local newspaper sent a message to the team, depicting homes in their real estate section that "stand strong and won't fall apart... unlike some NBA teams."

So this is not necessarily a sports media item, but rather, an item about media sending a message to a sports team. In this case, it’s the San Antonio Express-News, home of the Spurs, winners of twenty straight games, followed by four straight games that would eliminate them from advancing to the NBA Finals.

Perhaps no department of the San Antonio Express-News is smarting from the Spurs’ Western Conference Finals defeat by the Oklahoma City Thunder worse than their real estate department. KSAT-TV ace reporter Jennifer Dodd tweeted a photo of the first page of last week’s real estate section in the Sunday Express-News. Note that it was from last Sunday’s paper – i.e. the first Sunday after the Spurs’ elimination from the NBA playoffs. “For some reason, no one picked up on it,” Dodd informed me, adding that a viewer only recently brought it to her attention.

Anyway, the copy in question is a dual shot of two gorgeous houses, bearing this caption:

“HIGHLIGHTS: Unlike some NBA teams, these stone homes stand strong and won’t fall apart.”

Well, I certainly don’t think that’s a veiled shot at the Boston Celtics.

And it’s just the second example of a newspaper taking a potshot at an NBA franchise. Back on June 7, the day after that Thunder team – which had been in Seattle for over four decades before leaving for OKC in 2008 – eliminated the Spurs, a headline for the story in the Kennewick, WA Tri-City Herald read: “Sonics Advance To Finals, Oh, Wait.” While it was attached to an Associated Press story, the headline expressed the frustration of the Pacific Northwest region. And perhaps they may just get a new NBA team one day.

As for the Spurs, much to the disbelief of folks in the Alamo City who witnessed that majestic twenty-game winning streak carry over into the playoffs, resulting in the sweeps of the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Clippers, they’re at home watching the NBA Finals (well, almost all of them) but they’ll return next season. And if the 2012-13 Spurs stumble out of the gate, the only silver lining might be another creative shot at the team from the editors of the San Antonio Express-News’ real estate section.

“The interior of this house will win you over, as opposed to some NBA teams.”

“Check out these homes at prices that are rock bottom, like some NBA teams.”

The possibilities are endless.

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