Dan Sileo To CBS Sports Radio?

Controversial radio host Dan Sileo is a near-lock to be named a host on the new CBS Sports Radio, after recently having lunch with a top radio exec. It could also lead to a return to the airwaves in Tampa, where he was displaced after making a remark about "monkeys" on WDAE.

“Time to move on and up!”

That’s what Florida-based sports radio host Dan Sileo tweeted this morning – and we may have an idea why.

You may recall that earlier this year, Sileo was booted by WDAE in Tampa Bay after many years as their morning host. But less than a month later, he traveled down I-75 and agreed to become the new afternoon host on Miami’s WQAM, a vacancy made possible by the departure of Sid “I’ll Have Another” Rosenberg.

And if recent correspondence from Sileo’s Twitter account is any indication, he’s getting ready to make another move – not just across Florida, but across the country.

By now, you know that CBS has announced the launch of the new CBS Sports Radio network this fall, with sales and syndication being handled by Cumulus Media.

So last weekend, Sileo was setting up a lunch date with one Mike McVay – who happens to be the Senior Vice President of Cumulus Media. McVay planned to be in South Beach late last week for a radio convention, so we believe the lunch took place on Friday afternoon.

The day after – this morning – Sileo tweeted to McVay: “It was great seeing you for lunch! Very cool. I was happy to hear Mark Chernoff is a Dan Sileo fan… lol… I know you are!”

Wait – what?

Yes, the Mark Chernoff, the operations manager at the soon-to-be-25-year-old WFAN in New York, who doubles as the Vice President of Sports Programming for CBS Radio. That Mark Chernoff.

In fact, on Friday morning – the day after the plans for the new CBS Sports Radio network was unveiled – Sileo tweeted: “Wow… An executive at WFAN actually likes me now? It’s been a long time for us to get together.” Perhaps Sileo and Chernoff crossed paths back in the summer of 2010, when Sileo had a brief weekend stint as a sports anchor on WPIX/11 in New York City. No word if Chernoff was on hand for Sileo and McVay’s bistro tet a tet on Friday.

It’s clear that Sileo is one name being thrown around as a full-time sports radio host on CBS Sports Radio, which will begin a 24/7 schedule of sports talk on January 2 of next year. The fact that Sileo is meeting with a top executive from a major radio company involved with the new sports network – and said top executive acknowledging their meeting – is proof of that.

And there’s another interesting wrinkle to this development: I’ve already pointed out that Sileo had been heard on the radio in Tampa Bay for years. This week, CBS Radio announced that, in addition to CBSSR, which will officially launch on September 4, they will sign on a new FM sports radio station in Tampa Bay, “98.7 The Fan,” in August. This station will most likely be carrying some national programming from the CBS Sports Radio network – and if Sileo becomes one of CBSSR’s air talents, you can bet that “The Fan” will clear it in Tampa.

Adding fuel to this speculation is Sileo sending a “congrats” tweet to CBS Radio’s announcement of CBSSR – which he did exactly one minute after the “wow, an executive at WFAN actually likes me now?” tweet.

The plot thickens.

A bit of advice for CBS: If they are able to hire Dan Sileo and, as I speculated earlier, fellow University of Miami alum Warren Sapp, to the “98.7 The Fan” air personality roster, they’d be wise not to schedule their shows back-to-back. Just sayin’.

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