Is Fox About To Say, "Wham, Bam, Thank You, Pam"? [UPDATE]

If sideline reporting is among Erin Andrews' duties for Fox's NFL coverage, it could mean an abrupt end of the road for Pam Oliver working with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Oliver has been with Fox Sports since 1995.

Erin Andrews is ready for some football.

The question is, is Pam Oliver ready to step aside for her?

In an “in-depth” interview with the blog, the University of Florida graduate has confirmed what her sports portfolio will be with Fox.

She will have a hand in the network’s baseball coverage, mostly in the postseason – as a matter of fact, she is scheduled to make her Fox debut at the All-Star Game from Kansas City one week from today.

She said that while continuing to do college football was “important for me,” she admits that it was the allure of the National Football League that partly led to Andrews’ decision to join Fox after eight years at ESPN – whose one Monday night game per week doesn’t hold a candle to Fox’s NFL coverage.

“I want to try the NFL,” Andrews said. “I have always wanted to try the NFL. And they offered me a chance to do so, so I’m very excited.” She added that it was on the Worldwide Leader’s college football coverage that “I made my mark, but FOX has the NFL. They have the best games and they have the playoffs and they have the Super Bowl next year.”

When the blogger, Adam Silverstein, asked Andrews to elaborate on her NFL duties, she said: “Yes. It is going to be sideline reporting, and I’m also during the week going to do features and sit-downs that will air on the pre-game show.”

Hey, doesn’t Fox already have a lead female sideline reporter who does “features and sit-downs” for their NFL pregame show? Why, yes, they do, and she’s been doing so for about as long as Fox has had the NFL package.

So, is there a changing of the guard with Fox’s NFL “A-Team”? I can’t imagine they’d bring someone with her reputation and popularity in to pine with the third-string NFL announcing team (unless they plan on breaking up the No. 2 trio of Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa).

And if a lead sideline reporter and “FOX NFL Sunday” sit-downer are among Erin Andrews’ tasks – does Pam Oliver know about this?

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Well, Fox has released the talent that will be working the NFL games this upcoming season. Yes, Erin Andrews will be accompanying Joe Buck and Troy Aikman – and yes, Pam Oliver, too. Her first NFL game will be the Thanksgiving Day contest between the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys. Then, she’ll rejoin the “NFL On Fox” crew when the playoffs begin.

I suppose this schedule makes sense, especially with Andrews being busy on Saturdays during college football season. Anyway, there you go.

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