Tiki Barber Weds Homewrecker Traci Lynn Johnson

Tiki Barber may have left NBC two years ago, but it was an affair with NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson that led to him leaving his wife - pregnant with twins - after eleven years of marriage. Tiki and Traci Lynn tied the knot in New York City on Thursday. (Photo credits: MAXA/Landov via US Magazine; inset: Twitter.)

Remember Tiki Barber? Please, don’t raise your hands all at once.

Anyway, Tiki had a promising career as an on-air personality at NBC – not just at their sports unit, but at their morning staple, “The Today Show.”

Needless to say, his tenure at NBC fizzled out.

But it was at NBC that a new relationship blossomed.

For it was there that Barber met network intern Traci Lynn Johnson. In fact, the pair was so smitten, they went on an African excursion. Never mind the fact that his wife of eleven years, Ginny, was pregnant with twins at the time.

Rightly so, Ginny hit Tiki with divorce papers like a helmet making contact during a rushing play.

Just months later, NBC would divorce themselves from Barber. Not very good timing to be dismissed from a lucrative media job when you’re making alimony payments to a wife with two more kids on the way.

In early April of this year, Tiki would reach a divorce agreement with the former Ginny Cha to be the former Ginny Barber. They were given sixty days to turn in their settlement, and their split was finalized on July 11.

Just eight days later, Tiki and his new bride walked down the aisle. Mind you, it wasn’t the high-profile nuptials that they had planned at the Hamptons, but a rather quiet ceremony at the New York City Marriage Bureau.

That should give you an idea of Tiki’s financial situation these days.

According to Tiki’s Twitter bio, he now lists himself as a “friend and businessman” affiliated with two websites: FGX.com, or First Global Express, a shipping company that specializes in, among other things, “moving hazardous materials.” And who better to align themselves with a company that “moves hazardous materials” than a former NFL player with an immaterial post-football career, who moved on to a younger woman from his wife and four children (two of which hadn’t been born yet), thus setting up a hazardous relationship with his former family.

Tiki’s other business venture is with something called Thuzio.com. It promotes itself as “the online marketplace to book pro athletes.” However, the website has not yet launched. Meanwhile, in what could be a related development, just yesterday, Tiki retweeted a tweet from Mark MacDonald, a senior associate at Thuzio. His Twitter bio reads “former pro athlete” though his own LinkedIn profile conflicts with that statement, with his highest basketball class listed as the NBA Development League. Anyway, M-squared wrote this: “Just had a good meeting with Jay Williams and Jared Augustine. Jay’s got some interesting stuff in the works. #StayTuned” Augustine is also involved with Thuzio, while Williams is the former Duke player who is currently a college basketball analyst on ESPN. Sounds as if J.W. will eventually be involved with this Thuzio thing. Interestingly, they just got a $1.5 million investment from an undisclosed investor. Hmmm.

It’s sobering to see what Tiki’s employment status looks like a couple of years after leaving NBC. Working two low-profile jobs to support a family. Sounds like my own brother – well, except for the alimony and the abandoning unborn twins parts.

The homewrecker that Traci Lynn Johnson-Barber is, give her credit for not being a golddigger, standing by her man during his uncertain financial future – which as of Thursday, is now their uncertain financial future. Though that didn’t stop the newlyweds from blinging it up at places like Catch and Le Cirque on their wedding night.

And whatever became of Tiki’s employment with SNY? Was it just a one-shot deal because of his former team, the New York Giants, being in the Super Bowl? I suppose we’ll find out once the new NFL season is underway. Yet his name is not listed among the talent on the network’s website. Just sayin’.

Tiki Barber’s most recent television appearance was on another three-letter network – CNN – where there appeared to be some on-air flirting between him and the female anchor late in the interview.

It wouldn’t surprise me if these two were hiking on the Appalachian Trial, as his second wife is at home expecting their first child.

It also wouldn’t surprise me if he resurrected his broadcasting career at CNN, and subsequently found a way to crap the bed on that gig, too.

Congratulations, Tiki.

Just married. Again.

Just irrelevant. Still.

(Suggested reading: I invite you to peruse New York Daily News columnist Joanna Molloy’s thoughts on Tiki Barber’s new marriage. She really takes TikiLynn to the woodshed. Go get ’em, girl.)

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