VIDEO: Reporter Addresses Mark Sanchez As Tim Tebow On First Day Of Jets Training Camp

Tim Tebow arrives on the first day of Jets training camp for the 2012 season. Unfortunately, for one reporter, he was not present at one point today (or was he?) when Mark Sanchez fielded questions from the media and said reporter called him "Tim."

We figured the quarterback drama between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow in New York would be a major storyline.

But when a reporter during an informal press conference refers to Sanchez, the incumbent Jets starting quarterback, as “Tim”? There’s no telling just how this might end.

If and when the two-headed QB experiment in New York does come to an end, I can promise you that it’ll be a more compelling ending than that of the final episode of “The Sopranos.”

We have no idea who the female reporter was that addressed Sanchez as “Tim,” but someone on Twitter is claiming that it was Kimberly Jones.

And I have a second Twitter member who found out about the snafu firsthand via “The Michael Kay Show,” attributing the faux pas to Jones.

At any rate, I know Kim enough to know that she probably wouldn’t make such a mistake. And if she did, well, we’re human. And when I saw her pre-recorded piece from rainy Cortland, NY on “NFL Total Access” on NFL Network tonight, I could see how she (or whomever the reporter was) may have been confused. NFLN ran two snippets of interviews with Sanchez and Tebow, and it appears that they were virtually standing in the same area! Watch it, and you’ll see what I mean.

Do we know if both Sanchez and Tebow were both in the same area at the same time when the “Tim” moment occurred? And if that’s the case, did ESPN – which first aired the video – figure they could seize the opportunity to fan the Tebowmania flames in New York by spinning that four-second clip into an otherwise embarrassing moment for the reporter?

Suffice it to say, NFLN didn’t present video of this awkward exchange. At least not on Thursday.

If it turns out that the Worldwide Leader indeed isolated a small, out-of-context clip out of what could possibly be a completely different situation, just to gin up some buzz (led by a tweet from Adam Schefter), then shame on ESPN.

Meanwhile, just when you think things couldn’t be more oppressive for Mark Sanchez… guess which New York Jets quarterback appears on the cover of an NFL sticker collection?

Let the games begin.

Update: I asked Ben Shpigel, Jets beat reporter for the New York Times (and one of whose tweets I’ve linked above) if both Sanchez and Tebow were both present at the time of the snafu. Ben’s response: “No. the reporter began [the] question by saying “Tim,” as in “Tim said,” or something like that. But she kept getting interrupted.”

So, one reporter’s interruption is another network’s manufactured quarterback controversy.

(And I knew Kimberly Jones wouldn’t make such a “mistake.” With the Internets abuzz with “Reporter calls Mark Sanchez ‘Tim'” posts, she should demand an apology from the Worldwide Leader.)

(Original video hat tip.)

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