A Frank Farewell To FOX For Caliendo

Comedian Frank Caliendo has announced his departure from FOX, where he had appeared on the network's NFL pregame show since 2003. Best known for his impressions of celebrities such as John Madden, Caliendo said that "it's time to move on."

It’s the Caliend-of an era.

After nine years as part of FOX’s “NFL Sunday” pregame program, comedian Frank Caliendo has parted ways with the network. This according to comments he made Thursday morning on his Facebook and Twitter pages.

He decided to address “everyone asking about the FOX pregame,” giving the impression that fans were worried about his employment status with the network. “I will not be back this coming season,” he wrote on Facebook. “It was great to be part of the team with Terry and the guys for the last nine years, but it’s time to move on.”

He noted that he was busy engaging in “upcoming ventures that look like they may be pretty cool,” which may be the major factor for his departure from the “FOX NFL Sunday” crew.

No word if there were any contractual issues between FOX and the funnyman.

Caliendo made his first appearance on FOX’s NFL programming in November 2000, and did his famous impression of then-FOX NFL analyst John Madden to then-FOX “NFL Sunday” employee Jimmy Kimmel. The following year, he joined the cast of FOX’s Saturday late night sketch comedy/variety show, “Mad TV”. He would also make further sporadic appearances on “NFL Sunday” over the next two years, and became a permanent fixture of the show when Kimmel left the network in 2003. Meanwhile, Caliendo would juggle his two FOX tasks until he stepped aside from his “Mad TV” duties prior to the 2006-07 season (the show would go off the air in May 2009).

On FOX’s NFL pregame show, not only would Caliendo conduct his trademark impressions of popular figures from Al Pacino and Charles Barkley to George W. Bush and John McCain, in addition to the aforementioned Madden, but he would incorporate picks for some of that week’s NFL games into his bits. In his final season on the show, he barely finished above .500 (36-35) for his regular season prognostications.

As for the next chapter in Frank Caliendo’s career: we can only hope his “upcoming ventures” he speaks of are more promising than “Frank TV”.

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