Obama: Jets Fans Should Be "Pretty Nervous" About Jets QB "Tension"

President Obama says he expects "a lot of tension" emanating from the New York Jets with both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow on the team. He also commented on "The Common Man And The Torg" show on 97.1 The Fan in Columbus, Ohio: "If I was a Jets fan, I'd be pretty nervous."

On Thursday, President Obama was in Columbus, Ohio for a campaign stop. While he was in the area, he decided to place a call to “The Common Man And The Torg”.

No, they’re not plumbers named Joe. They’re Mike Ricordati and Scott Torgerson – afternoon drive hosts on WBNS-FM/”97.1 The Fan”.

So what better way to win the popular vote than comment on one of the hottest sports topics to date: Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez trying to coexist on the New York Jets.

“There’s going to be a lot of tension in that situation,” the President said, adding that “it’ll be interesting” to watch how things transpire between Sanchez, who took the Jets to two consecutive AFC championship games in his first two seasons, but “is not Tom Brady yet,” and Tebow, “a wonderful young man” with “just a great winning attitude.”

His initial thoughts, despite the Jets long ago officially naming Sanchez the starter despite trading for Tebow, were: “I gotta tell you, I don’t like the idea of a quarterback controversy at the start of a season, so if I was a Jets fan, I’d be pretty nervous.”

You’d think our Commander in Chief was practicing for a role at ESPN when he leaves office.

Of course, at that point, the Worldwide Leader would be talking about the White Sox about as much as the Jets.

In addition to the Jets quarterback situation and Barack’s favorite baseball team, the “Fan” afternoon drive duo also asked the President to comment on the Penn State sanctions and the Olympics.

Listen to the eight-minute interview here (the Jets question is at the six-minute mark).

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