Tebow Talk Could Be A Boon For Boomer On A National Level

Boomer Esiason generated a lot of buzz by suggesting on his radio show that the Jets should cut quarterback Tim Tebow. But could these choice words be mere chum before the announcement that the radio show could go national via CBS Sports Radio next year?

Boomer Esiason knows what he’s doing.

He knew that he would have the hot sports opinion of the day when he said that Tim Tebow’s presence on the New York Jets’ roster is not “benefitting” the team and that he would cut the backup quarterback.

It’s not that I don’t think his opinion is genuine – he’s played more snaps of professional football than I have, so he certainly knows what he’s talking about.

But consider the source of the “cut Tebow” comments: his daily radio show on WFAN in New York, “Boomer & Carton.”

With CBS Sports in the process of piecing together a 24/7 sports radio network, slowly but surely, each piece of the puzzle is being uncovered. Doug Gottlieb, who is in the process of relocating from Bristol to Baja California, has been tapped as the host of the 3-6 PM time slot. And while this has not yet been confirmed, it’s all but a lock that the overnight shift will be handled by Nanci Donnellan, best known as “The Fabulous Sports Babe.” She had been heard across the country via ESPN Radio in the 1990’s, and until recently had been laying low from the radio to fight breast cancer. On the recently launched 98.7 The Fan in Tampa, Donnellan, who resides in the Tampa Bay area, currently does a local overnight show on the station – but even observers as far away as Boston are getting ready for the Babe to be heard on the national airwaves once again.

Anyhow, there is a very good chance that “Boomer & Carton” could be announced as the national morning drive show on CBSSR. In anticipation of that, wouldn’t you want to get the show’s branding out there on a national level before announcing it’ll be part of the new CBSSR?

And what better way to generate buzz about your show than a polarizing viewpoint on a polarizing quarterback?

Even when President Obama went on the radio in Columbus last week and shared an educated take on the Jets’ quarterback situation, it made national news.

The buzz about Boomer’s bid to bump Tebow from Gang Green reminds me of a similar scenario from just a few months ago – it’s not involving sports radio, but regular talk radio. Remember the comments Geraldo Rivera made on Fox News insisting that the death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin may have been the result of him wearing a hoodie on the night he was fatally shot?

Coincidentally, Rivera, who for years hosted the popular television talk show “Geraldo,” had just started hosting a daily radio show on WABC in New York. And wouldn’t you know it, months later, the station’s parent company announced that he would be hosting a syndicated radio show based at WABC.

I see history repeating itself: a well-known public figure hosting a local radio show based in New York, making a comment generating much mileage in the media and the Internet, and said local radio show later becomes a national radio show.

(Remember, Geraldo did not make that comment on his radio show – so it’s not like I’m comparing Trayvon to Tebowmania here.)

So, America: if you were as amazed by former Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason insisting that current Jets quarterback Tim Tebow should be given the heave-ho, you probably haven’t heard the last of him.

If the Jets miss the playoffs and Boomer delivers an “I told you so” rant about Tebow, you might see media outlets cite the brand new CBS Sports Radio network as the source.

And wouldn’t that be a spiffy way to get your new product on the map.

(Suggested reading: My post from July 1 speculating Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason’s WFAN morning show would be carried nationally via CBS Sports Radio in January.)

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