VIDEO: Mark Sanchez Admits Channelling His "Inner Tebow"

Tim Tebow led the Jets to their first scoring drive of the preseason vs. the Bengals. So how come the starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, held scoreless during the game, referred to Tebow during an interview during the game?

Here’s a sound bite that’s guaranteed to turn into the next ESPN Jets chum du jour.

During the second quarter of the Jets/Bengals preseason game, Otis Livingston asked quarterback Mark Sanchez to “assess where the offense was” as he was held scoreless in three series.

Sanchez used the old “shake the rust off” cliche, then he described how in his final drive, “I moved the ball a little bit, had a little scramble there… channeling my inner Tebow… got a first down, so that was good… It was good for all of us.”

Click here to watch the video.

The Worldwide Leader must have enjoyed hearing that comment. Expect them to go early and often to the “is Sanchez that threatened by Tebow that he’s mentioning him when discussing his own play” well, despite the fact that the Jets have already confirmed that Sanchez is the starter. ESPN manufactures controversies. This is what they do.

You watch. This is all ESPN is going to be talking about all weekend.

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