Sports Media Tweethearts To Tie The Knot

This weekend, ESPN sports business reporter Kristi Dosh was engaged to college football journalist and Southern sports radio figure Chadd Scott. (Photo of the engagement "reenactment" via Dosh's Twitter.)

A huge round of congratulations are in order for ESPN sports business journalist Kristi Dosh and college football blogger and Jacksonville sports radio PD Chadd Scott, who have been dating for two years. Scott popped the question on Friday night and the two are now making wedding plans.

It’s a sports media match made in the Twitterverse.

“Almost two years ago, Chadd and I met on Twitter… and last night, we got engaged!”, Dosh announced Saturday morning – of course, via Twitter.

The “college football power couple” has already agreed not to walk down the aisle in the fall, when the season is in full swing. Meanwhile, the bride is contemplating a Memorial Day weekend wedding.

Dosh and Scott are likely the first couple in the sports media/journalism business to have befriended each other through social networking; this observation from Leslie Anne Wade, a longtime public relations executive with CBS Sports, who currently runs an independent firm.

And while social media had a hand in leading Scott to his soulmate, it also presented some dire results for him: Last spring, he was dismissed from his sports update gig at Cumulus’ WCNN/”680 The Fan” after expressing his disdain for Delta Airlines following a rough flight with the air carrier – an air carrier that just happened to be a major sponsor on the station. Previously, Scott had toiled at Atlanta’s “Fan” rival, Lincoln Financial Media’s WQXI/”790 The Zone”, as well as nationally syndicated radio programs hosted by ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd and, if you can believe it, conservative talk radio host Michael Savage. Currently, Scott is the assistant program director at WJXL/”1010XL” in Jacksonville, and also maintains the station’s website. And he does appear on their airwaves from time to time.

Here’s some trivia about our Twitter lovebirds: The first retweet of Scott on Dosh’s Twitter feed goes all the way back to October 2010, according to Topsy. And wouldn’t you know it, it involved the one and only Tim Tebow. “What do Gator fans think about this?”, Dosh asked her followers as she retweeted a link to an article that Scott had forwarded from, where he maintains “college football’s most dangerous blog”, wondering whether or not the selfishness of Tebow, then a starting quarterback at Florida, was hurting the Gators and helping their SEC rivals, the South Carolina Gamecocks.

And with ESPN being the network for all things Tebow these days, you just know they’re going to play up this angle in announcing their employee’s nuptials. Before joining ESPN, Dosh, who is also a lawyer, started the website. And she’ll be adding “author” to her credentials, with two books scheduled to be released next year.

We here at SportsRantz, one of the fastest-growing sports blogging websites, couldn’t be happier for our two peers, and wish them well as they embark in holy matrimony.

And by the way, the groom has already let it be known that nobody will be live-tweeting their wedding ceremony.

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