Michael Strahan Will Be Filling Regis Philbin's Giant Shoes On Daytime TV

Hall of Fame shoo-in Michael Strahan is a shoo-in to replace Regis Philbin full-time on "Live!" And you'll be as surprised as Kelly Ripa is in this shot to know that Strahan is expected to continue his role on FOX NFL studio programming on Sundays during football season, should he get the gig.

UPDATE: Broadcasting and Cable has confirmed that Strahan will indeed be the new co-host on “Live” starting next month.

Just a couple of weeks until it begins.

No, I’m not talking about the 2012 NFL season, I’m talking about the new era for the syndicated “Live!” program.

Why, you ask? Because the person most likely to officially replace the retired talk show giant, New York native Regis Philbin, could be a retired New York Giant in Michael Strahan.

Last month, the seven-time Pro Bowler was on the short list of candidates to co-host the show currently known as “Live! With Kelly,” alongside Kelly Ripa. A roster of nearly five dozen guest hosts was whittled down to three: Strahan, recording artist Josh Groban, and actor/comedian Seth Meyers – who had reportedly denied that he would agree to be Ripa’s new co-host. Then again, he is a comedian, so you never know if he’s just pulling our chains.

But if it’s true that Meyers, an odds-on favorite to replace Regis, wants no part of the morning grind, logic would dictate that Strahan would be the new leader in the clubhouse. He had a memorable, um, performance on the show earlier this summer, when guest Channing Tatum, promoting his new movie “Magic Mike,” was upstaged by a poor-man’s-Chippendale-dancer routine from “Magic Michael” (i.e. Strahan).

So we’ll find out on September 4 – the eve of the 2012 NFL kickoff game that sees the Giants start their defense of the Super Bowl championship – if career Giant Michael Strahan – like magic – will be Kelly Ripa’s new co-host. For some reason, Ripa will be hosting a new edition of the program on September 3 – Labor Day – solo, on what would be the final day of the show being named “Live! With Kelly.”

And if the all-time sacks leader does agree to hop out of the sack at 4 AM every morning to tape the daily program in New York City, you can expect Ironman Strahan to sack up and take those fall flights to the West Coast for Fox’s NFL studio programming on Sundays. That speculation from the Los Angeles Times’ Joe Flint, who adds a zinger that should Strahan land the gig, “don’t be surprised if he mistakes Howie Long for Kelly Ripa one day, or vice versa.”

I can see how being sleep-deprived could lead one to jump to such a conclusion – but it would be really awkward if Strahan ever confused Kelly Ripa for Kelly Naqi.

And if Michael Strahan isn’t named co-host of “Live!”, might I suggest a dark horse for another retired football player with a beaming personalities, as well as someone who could really use the money: Warren Sapp! Hey, why not? Doesn’t “QB Killa” have a face for daytime television? I can just picture it:

KELLY: So, Tom Cruise is filming “Mission: Impossible 5”.

WARREN: That’s great. Did you know Tom Cruise was the snitch for Kristen-Stewart-cheating-gate?

UPDATE: Broadcasting and Cable has confirmed that Strahan will indeed be the new co-host on “Live” starting next month.

One comment on “Michael Strahan Will Be Filling Regis Philbin's Giant Shoes On Daytime TV

  1. Phyllis says:

    Yeah!!!! Michael’s a riot and a complete natural. I am very happy and excited for him. This show needs a major boost (tired of Kelly) and now it will have it. I will begin watching again and am hopeing for the best of Michael.

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