Erin Andrews Gives Noted Fashion Critic Mike Missanelli The Business

Fox's Erin Andrews did a fan a favor and called into Mike Missanelli's radio show, and all she got was flak about what she was wearing on her very first Fox appearance at the 2012 All-Star Game.

When Erin Andrews left ESPN for Fox Sports, she wanted to expand her horizons beyond (mostly) college football.

Representing Fox, you can expect to hear more appearances from her on the radio – for example, she’s recently secured a weekly spot on WGFX/”104.5 The Zone’s” afternoon drive program.

Then there was Wednesday, when she made an impromptu appearance on Mike Missanelli’s afternoon show on WPEN/”97.5 The Fanatic” in Philadelphia. The premise of her call was part of a periodic “celebrity call-in contest” Missanelli does with his listeners: they coerce famous people (or acquaintainces of famous people) to get them to call the show; the person responsible for the most famous person to have graced the airwaves at the end of the show wins a prize.

So Andrews decided to check in for eight minutes. Among other things, she told of how it was “very hard” leaving ESPN, but the decision to join Fox was easy, what with hosting a weekly primetime college football show, in addition to “things like covering the NFL… and being able to cover the World Series.”

But it was her Fox debut at the All-Star Game that became the focus of the conversation – specifically, what she was wearing that night.

“I thought maybe the dress was a little bit much,” Missanelli said. “I thought it was too glam.”

“You’re such a big stylist over there,” Andrews responded. “Who have you dressed?”

This goes on for most of the latter part of the call. Listen to it below:

A partial transcript of the call is here (which is where I hang my hat tip for this item, by the way).

Missanelli apparently got so worked up about his confrontation with Andrews, that it bled into the next call, a scheduled interview with ESPN baseball reporter Jayson Stark. “Now, you’re not gonna ask me what I’m wearing, are you?”, Stark said. “Mike, what are you doing? Erin Andrews is one of the great people in our business.”

Missanelli claimed that the reason why he served Andrews questions about her All-Star Game attire was to back up his initial comments about her choice of clothing the day after the All-Star Game, and bring it up, lest listeners berate Missanelli for being a “big talker” and not saying it to her face (or, if you prefer, her ears).

In the end, Stark came to the consensus that “it was magical radio.”

Magical or downright uncomfortable? You be the judge.

Oh, and there was a chilling moment toward the end when Mike Missanelli flat out asked Erin Andrews, “Are you dating [Fox colleague] Troy Aikman?”

To which Andrews replied: “No, are you?”

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