Chad Johnson Headbutt Scapegoat, Per Warren Sapp: "She Did It"

NFL Network analyst and author Warren Sapp claims that Evelyn Lozada was the one who headbutted her now ex-husband Chad Johnson during that infamous fight. "He's taking the rap for it," says Sapp, who added, "I am sorry this had to happen to him."

From the man who brought you “just found out who the snitch was” comes a new eyebrow-raising allegation.

Warren Sapp, promoting his memoir autobiography book about himself, “Sapp Attack,” hadn’t been having much luck lately with radio interviews promoting the vade mecum. But in print interviews, he appears to be doing well. In fact, he shows much character (even though you don’t actually hear his voice) in a chat with the weekly tabloid known as the Miami New Times, among whose columnists include Luther Campbell (yes, that one). Sapp’s rap with the magazine was done mostly to promote a “Sapp Attack” signing at a local bookstore.

When you read this piece, you’ll learn that Sapp is a Cowboys fan;he thinks the Dolphins are cursed; he says Tim Tebow is “not [good] at this level”; and he believes that Chad Johnson’s ex-wife headbutted him.

Wait, what?

That’s right. The NFL Network analyst who delivered an earth-shattering opinion on Bountygate is back with a crucial development in the bizarre Saturday night marital spat known as Headbuttgate.

Speaking to a Miami publication, of course, the Dolphins came up; and of course, given recent events, Chad Johnson’s name would be mentioned. The paper asked Sapp – who had his own reservations on his tenure with the Fish after watching his introductory press conference (“I thought to myself, ‘this isn’t good'”) – if the team “used the Evelyn Lozada fight” as means to cut him.

“Come on,” Sapp replied. “Tell me the first and last name of a brother who headbutted someone… When is the last time one of your homeboys called you and told you, ‘Let me tell you about this fight at the club last night where this guy and his girlfriend were walking by, and he turned around and headbutted the girl.’ Never… We don’t do that.

“He’s taking the rap for it,” Sapp implied of Johnson. “She did it.”

Did she? I mean, sure, it’s been a couple of weeks since that tiff between Chad Johnson (nee Ochocinco) and Evelyn Lozada (formerly Lozada-Johnson; she filed for divorce days after the altercation) took place, and there’s still no proof of whose skull landed a punch. But Sapp sounds so sure this is how it went down, he isn’t even dropping the “A” word – “allegedly” – into his thoughts.

It’s important to know that Warren was nowhere near Chad or Evelyn when their fight took place. Warren was back at home – probably that beachfront condo in Hollywood that’s about to be fumbled away to foreclosure watching the Panthers/Texans preseason game on TV that night.

When word of Johnson’s arrest came out, Sapp tweeted, “Chad did say it on “Hard Knocks” [that he was planning to get arrested].”

Doesn’t sound like someone who was a witness to the headbutting. Yet he contests that Evelyn “did it”.

“That’s a woman that is going to depend on her beauty for the rest of her life to open any door she wants to walk through, and she is going to do what to her forehead? I’m done.”

Actually, you should have been done after soliciting “the first and last name of a brother who headbutted someone.”

Submitted for your approval: Kiefer Sutherland. Three years ago, the star of “24” reportedly headbutted a fashion designer near the nightclub SubMercer in New York City. Okay, so he may not be a “brother,” but millions of people have heard of him.

And a year before the Kiefer kerfuffel, the late Amy Winehouse was said to have skullpunched a middle-aged man who was kindly attempting to hail a cab for her. As her famous song goes, she said, “no, no, no.” Now, Warren, here’s another celebrity on the giving end of a headbutting – and it’s a woman, which may support your claim that Johnson was the headbuttee on the night of August 11.

In fact, headbutting has become a worldwide phenomenon. Just a few months ago, a Labour Parliament member had delivered many punches with his head as well as his fists in a bar reserved for House of Commons members. Apparently, Eric Joyce was a bit incensed about the large number of “[expletive] Tories” congregating at the bar.

And of course, there’s Zinedine Zidane. Were you there on that July afternoon in Berlin when he did this to an Italian player, Warren? Well, were you?

You’d best hope Evelyn Lozada doesn’t get word of your allegation, Warren – of course, we first have to have evidence of who headbutted who, but if it’s confirmed that Chad Johnson was the headbutter, look out.

You think the thought of Jeremy Shockey serving Warren Sapp with a defamation of character lawsuit had QBKilla shaking in his size 15 Air Jordans.

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