Donovan McNabb Joins NFL Network, Risks Deion Sanders Laughing At Him Some More

Donovan McNabb is joining NFL Network, effectively ending a thirteen-year NFL career. He’ll be featured on NFLN’s weekly football preview series “Playbook,” Friday nights at 8 PM ET, with encores Saturdays at 11 AM and 5 PM ET, as well as Sundays at 5 AM ET.

He spent over a decade with the Philadelphia Eagles – and zero Super Bowl rings to show for it.

He was a $78 million mistake in Washington.

He had three times as many sacks as touchdowns last season with Minnesota.

And despite claiming three mystery franchises are still interested in his services, clearly none of them have come calling as the 2012 NFL season begins.

And so, the next playbook that Donovan McNabb will be holding will be for the NFL Network team.

McNabb will be an analyst for NFLN’s seasonal “Playbook” program, of which there are two episodes produced for both conferences each week, with the NFC edition airing Friday nights at 8 PM ET, followed by the AFC program.

Well, if McNabb never ends up in the NFL Hall of Fame, he can always bide his time alongside folks that are already in Canton, such as Sterling Sharpe (who will also be appearing on NFLN’s “First On The Field” early Sunday morning show with future Hall of Famer Ladainian Tomlinson).

Or can he? Remember when he was in Culver City one Saturday night during the playoffs this past January? Deion Sanders could hardly take McNabb seriously. It was as if 5 was preparing to hitch a ride on the corner of 21st and Prime.

Later, McNabb popped up on one of ESPN’s programs, giving the impression that he was lobbying for a gig, if not in pro football, then in broadcasting.

When you look at McNabb’s legacy – eleven years with the Eagles and despite many playoff wins, the only thing he managed to win in Super Bowl XXXIX was a bout of vomiting; a 5-year, $78 million contract with the Redskins that ended up paying just $4 million after being cut with four years remaining on the pact; and an otherwise forgettable tenure with the Vikings in which the combination of McNabb’s vow to be a starter plus the Vikings chomping at the bit to name Christian Ponder their guy proved to be a mall-sized conundrum – maybe it’s only right that he starts suiting up with attire from Nordstrom as opposed to Nike.

It appears McNabb made one move this past week that may have tipped his hand in becoming a broadcaster: he joined Twitter. Or at least it looks like the real McNabb behind the account. Of course, it’s not verified, and according to a reliable source, it isn’t actually McNabb – thought he “does have plans to join Twitter soon.” For what it’s worth, the possibly fake McNabb tweeted a photo of himself in his office using Twitter – a photo that is now stricken from the record.

So prepare to see Donovan McNabb every weekend, football fans – just not on the field. Instead, he’ll be breaking down two “Playbooks” on NFL Network, starting this Friday night.

I wonder if the first order of business will be what happens if the Seahawks/Cardinals game ends in a tie.

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