Chris Berman Will Be Back-Back-Back-Back-Back…

Longtime ESPN personality Chris Berman will have an even longer tenure at the network, as he agreed to a six-year deal that would keep him on the air at the Worldwide Leader for just shy of four decades. Berman has been an anchor at ESPN virtually since they launched thirty-three years ago today.

ESPN signed on back in 1979. And while the network has clearly changed since then, one on-air constant has been the presence of one Christopher James Berman.

And a career that has spanned five decades is on the brink of having an even wider timespan, if you can believe it.

On Friday, September 7 – which happened to be the 33rd anniversary of ESPN’s first broadcast – 57-year-old Chris Berman – 33-year employee of 33-year-old ESPN – has agreed to a multi-year deal to remain at the Worldwide Leader.

And just in time for his calling his very first regular-season NFL game on the network on Monday night.

Incidentally, Berman may have very well been an employee of NFL Network, if you can believe that: Two years ago, the network, whose president is Berman pal Steve Bornstein, former ESPN exec, was wooing Boomer big-time to leave the network he helped launch three decades ago and join the football-centric channel.

Sources are reporting that the quantity of years that make up Berman’s new “multi-year” contract adds up to six more years – meaning that he would have spent an unprecedented 39 years with ESPN, should he choose to retire in 2018.

Or if he’s up to it, he can spend another quarter-century at the Worldwide Leader and gun for Bob Wolff’s record.

We should be so lucky.

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