Why Kara Henderson Left NFL Network

Kara Henderson finally explains her absence from NFL Network: “Left TV to get married and raise my boy,” she revealed via Twitter.

For the last six months, Media Rantz has been wondering the whereabouts of Kara Henderson, the NFL Network anchor/reporter who seemed to have spontaneously vanished from the airwaves. No explanation was ever given from NFLN on Henderson’s mysterious disappearance.

Early Sunday morning, Henderson was finally able to address her absence.

“For all those who have been kind enough to ask,” she tweeted, “[I] left TV to get married and raise my boy.

“There’s a catch,” she continued in a subsequent tweet, “[I’m] now more involved in [the] NFL than ever.” She punctuated that tweet with the hashtag #GoRams.

Her next tweet was a shot of Detroit, where Kara’s favorite team will be opening the Jeff Fisher era against the Lions.

While that mystery has finally been resolved, we’re still wondering why Henderson was mum on her absence from television. As I previously estimated, her last appearance on NFL Network was in early March. We’re now in early September, which makes it six months. Perhaps there was a six-month clause on her NFLN contract that forbid her to discuss why she wasn’t on the air?

And note where she says her leaving NFLN makes her “now more involved in NFL than ever.” I’m sure her heart was in the league during the nine years she’s been with the league-run network. Or maybe she was secretly incensed that they didn’t cover the Rams often, I don’t know.

The important thing is, there’s finally closure on this mystery.

Of course, the next mystery is which network she’ll join if and when she decides to return to broadcasting.

Or perhaps she’s content at being an off-the-air, stay-at-home mom. Apparently, that’s the vibe Sports Illustrated’s Peter King got when he wrote this cryptic blurb in his August 21 column: “Good to see you, Kara Henderson. Glad you’re so happy.”

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