Warren Sapp Bankruptcy Case Closed

Financially frozen former football player Warren Sapp was likely happy to know that he’s been relieved from his Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Yet he’s still responsible to pay up for nearly $1 million in alimony, child support, and tax debts.

I’m sure some of you regular Rantz readers were anxiously awaiting my next post on a subject that I’ve happened to write plenty about: Warren Sapp. You were probably anticipating my take on Sapp offhandedly calling Bears wideout Brandon Marshall a “retard” during an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show,” or perhaps Marshall’s priceless video responses to Sapp, or Marshall’s subsequent attempt at burying the hatchet with Sapp.

With Sapp’s vast history of saying stupid things, this brouhaha, to me, was not news.

Yet overshadowed by Sapp’s involvement in “TardGate” was a favorable update on Sapp’s financial situation.

You may recall Sapp filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy this past spring. On Monday – just as the fallout from “TardGate” was emerging – Sapp was discharged from his bankruptcy case by a federal judge. That means he is officially off the hook for a large amount of debt – that is, the lion skin rug, the twenty dozen pairs of Size 15 Air Jordans, and other impulse purchases made during and after his NFL career. No word if the condo he’s living in (that’s pending foreclosure) will be exempt from these debts.

However, Sapp is still responsible for his debts related to alimony and child support, as well as all tax debts, which combined, approach close to $900,000, according to his bankruptcy filing.

Sapp must thank his lucky stars that he’s still on the NFL Network payroll, despite what was reported nearly six months ago. Sales for his new autobiography, “Sapp Attack,” aren’t necessarily setting the bookshelves on fire. A little after a month following its release, the tome currently sits at No. 54,190 on Amazon.com’s Best Sellers list in the “books” category. Yikes.

And in case you’re wondering, no, “Sapp Attack” never even sniffed the New York Times’ reputable Best Sellers list.

Maybe Warren Sapp needs to work on a follow-up book. Perhaps “Judge Sapp” can start moonlighting as a divorce detective.

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