Mike Silver: Two Losses Till Tebow Time

Yahoo Sports’ Mike Silver speculates that if the New York Jets lose two more games, Tim Tebow will become the team’s starting quarterback.

There are two L’s in the word “hell” – a word that Tim Tebow likely wants nothing to do with.

There are also two L’s in how long it will take before Tebow assumes the starting quarterback position for the New York Jets.

That is, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Mike Silver, who appeared on NFL Network’s “Total Access” on Wednesday evening.

“Two more losses,” he projects.

The Jets are in the middle of a three-game homestand, which continues on “Monday Night Football” vs. the undefeated Houston Texans, and then rookie quarterback Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts the following week. Then, they’ll be in New England in Week 6, then back home to face another division rival in the Miami Dolphins in Week 7.

Statistically, Mark Sanchez isn’t struggling (five touchdowns and four interceptions in four games) as he’s done just enough to keep the Jets in first place (albeit tied with the aforementioned Patriots). But as Tebow proved with the Denver Broncos last year, he can take over for a team at 1-4 and lead them to a playoff berth (never mind the fact that the team lost their last three regular season games).

“Tim Tebow does have a transformative ability to transcend his lack of impressive play, mechanics and all that, in practice, and all of a sudden, when you need him to display magic, he seems to be able to do it.

“If you’re not .500 at the bye week, I think you gotta go do it… maybe sooner.”

Team owner Woody Johnson hopes for the latter, with sources suggesting “he will push his football people to start Tebow.”

Certainly ESPN, the home of “Monday Night Football” and a news operation that spends a great deal of time on Tebow (as its own talking heads have confirmed long after moving on to other ventures), would like to see a benching of Sanchez during the Jets’ next game with the 4-0 Texans. It would be reminiscent of the exact moment that the Tony Romo era officially began in Dallas on October 23, 2006, also on “Monday Night Football” (then on ABC). On that night, the Cowboys, who started the game with Drew Bledsoe under center, returned from halftime with Romo running things.

“It’s a big move,” Silver warns of changing starting quarterbacks in the middle of a season, let alone a game, “so I don’t think you want to make it cavalierly.”

Then again, as Silver acknowledged, it is New York, where such moves are all but expected at some point, if a team isn’t playing well.

Despite that effortless shutout vs. the 49ers, the Jets are playing well. The next month should dictate exactly when Tebow Time will begin – possibly at Foxboro Stadium, where Tim Tebow is 0-1 as a starter.

But, says Mike Silver, if the Jets lose to the Texans and the Colts, let it be so.

“If the season seems like it’s starting to slip away, you got [Darrelle] Revis out, you got [Santonio] Holmes out… Don’t you have to take a whiff and see?”

Like hell they won’t.

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