Warren Sapp's $7 Million House Up For Auction

As part of an agreement to discharge him from a bankruptcy case, Warren Sapp’s $7 million Orlando-area house is being auctioned. Shown is an ad for the auction that ran in this past Sunday’s edition of The New York Times.

An update on an update on Warren Sapp’s financial situation. Earlier, we reported that the NFL Network analyst was relieved by a federal judge from his bankruptcy case.

What will be taking place at the Orlando Airport Marriott on the afternoon of November 1 is likely a consequence of that ruling.

That’s when a luxurious, 10,000-square-foot home purchased by Sapp for $7 million – but currently worth half as much – will be going up for auction.

Inside this house are twice as many bathrooms as there are bedrooms – and there are four large bedrooms, I might add. Doesn’t really add up if you’re one person, does it?

Outside features include a boathouse, a boatlift, a lazy river, and something called a “wolf gas grill.” I suppose wolf meat is a rare delicacy.

So while Warren waves goodbye to Windermere, he probably won’t be saying goodbye to Hollywood. You’ll recall that a bank went after Sapp requesting his Miami-area condominium be foreclosed, but even though he hasn’t paid a dime on it for a year and a half, it can’t be involved in bankruptcy matters since it’s his primary residence. But you’ll recall that he pledged to put money toward the condo “as soon as he sorts out the bankruptcy.”

In other words: very, very soon.

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