Kara Henderson Engaged To Rams GM Les Snead

Former NFL Network personality Kara Henderson shows off her engagement ring to 101 ESPN Radio’s Steve Savant on Monday night, after it was announced that she is engaged to St. Louis Rams general manager Les Snead.

Last month, former NFL Network personality Kara Henderson confirmed that she left the network “to get married and raise my boy.” In a subsequent tweet, she wrote: “Now more involved in NFL than ever. #GoRams”

We’re now able to decipher the hidden message behind that tweet.

Congratulations to Henderson, as it was publicly announced last Monday night during 101 ESPN Radio’s “The Jeff Fisher Show” that she is engaged to St. Louis Rams general manager Les Snead.

It was actually “Fisher Show” host Steve Savant that spilled the beans to listeners as he returned from a commercial break to introduce a “special guest.”

As you may recall, Henderson spontaneously disappeared from the NFLN airwaves this past spring. A couple of months ago, a commenter on this thread (which as of today is the third search result for “Kara Henderson” on Google) may have clued us in that she was tying the knot with Snead, the longtime Atlanta Falcons executive who joined the Rams this year, only for the commenter to walk back that speculation after admitting a misreading on his part.

On “The Jeff Fisher Show” (don’t let his absence in the video fool you; the crew likely chatted with him at the top of the program), Henderson joked with former Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams defensive tackle D’Marco Farr – also a veteran of sports radio in both markets – about being retired. “I’m like, if football players can retire in their 30’s, why not me?,” she said.

“Yes, but you’re retired in better health than most of us,” Farr replied.

Henderson countered, “Or so you think.”

It was at that point that Henderson’s fiance chimed in. “You have not seen the X-rays,” Snead joked. “Our trainer gave her a D-.”

Henderson also shed some light on her exit from broadcasting. “I quit my job for – at the time – the worst team in football [the Colts were actually one game worse last season]. But now, I think we can all see where this thing is going. It’s so much fun for me to be a part of it.”

It’s unclear exactly what position Henderson holds with the Rams organization, or if she just tags along with Snead from town to town, up and down the schedule. She was in tow for the Rams’ road opener at Detroit, and also tweeted from the Rams’ home opener against the Redskins the following week. She was ecstatic at Rams kicker Greg Zuerlien converting a 60-yard field goal in last week’s win over the Seahawks, and was excited about the team upending the Cardinals, handing them their first defeat of the season on Thursday night.

“You get to be a fan now,” Farr told Henderson.

“I’m so used to being a disinterested observer of football,” Henderson replied, noting she’s been at “so many games in my life” while an employee at NFLN.

“You’re emotionally invested now,” Savant said to Henderson.

“I think that’s fair to say,” she countered. “I now know what these guys go through, what everybody goes through in football. I’ve never had that experience before.”

Later, while noting Henderson and Snead are both in the football business, Farr asked: “Do you guys talk about anything else other than football?”

Snead: “Not much.”

Henderson: “I feel like I almost went to training camp to be the wife of a GM. I mean, we talk about pulling guards…”

Savant: “That’s very romantic, Kara.”

Farr: “You talk to your fiance about pulling guards and quarterbacks. That’s awesome. And she knows what she’s talking about!”

Snead: “She knows what she’s talking about, sometimes more than me.”

The timing of Henderson’s departure from NFL Network and Snead’s hiring by the Rams is coincidental. NFLN usually hires coaches and players when they’re not active in the league, but would there have been a conflict of interest if the fiancee of a general manager of an NFL team was employed by a broadcasting network operated by the league? If that’s the case – and if she was smitten by Snead by then – Henderson followed her heart, which is usually a good thing. And based on her language in the 101 ESPN Radio appearance, it sounds like she’s now an employee of the Rams.

As for a return to broadcasting… let’s just say Kara Henderson probably hasn’t ruled that out just yet.

In the words of another Les, this is Diamond Joe saying good day – and may the good news be yours!

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