Broncos Cornerback Mocks Jessica Ghawi's Death On Twitter

Denver Broncos cornerback Tony Carter thought it would be funny to tweet “pray for me” while at a movie theater in Denver on Monday night. He deleted the tweet and apologized. “I am truly sorry for the insensitive and inappropriate comment I made last night. It will never happen again.”

On Monday night, while most of you were at home watching playoff baseball or Monday night football, Denver Broncos cornerback Tony Carter, whose team was bested over the weekend in Foxboro by the New England Patriots, had returned to Denver, where his team will host the San Diego Chargers on “Monday Night Football” next week. Which means there’s an extra few hours for Carter to make do with.

The first thing he did when he touched down in Denver was “make a Waffle House run.”

Later that day, he vowed to “unfollow some of the trucks bringing the value of my page down.”

That evening, Carter decided to catch a movie. And that’s when he decided to bring the value of his own page down.

He tweeted: “At a late night movie in Denver. Y’all pray for me!”

Carter had made a sick reference to a horrible mass shooting earlier this year in a movie theater in Colorado (Aurora, not Denver) during a showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” at 12 midnight local time (not 10 PM). Dozens of people were injured, with one dozen moviegoers killed – including Jessica Ghawi, who was best known as Jessica Redfield. She died at just 24 years of age.

While Carter didn’t mention Ghawi by name, it immediately invokes a memory of her final tweet made from the theater – one that would be retweeted nearly 4,000 times since then.

Obviously, this did not sit well with many folks back home – including the still-grieving mother of Ghawi, Sandy Phillips.

“Class act, Carter,” she tweeted. “My daughter would have covered Bronco training if she hadn’t been MURDERED in Aurora. Jerk.

“What’s sad,” she wrote in another tweet, “is that he really thought he was FUNNY!”

Meanwhile, Jessica’s mourning brother, Jordan, had a different perspective, telling me that the comment “is insensitive, but he does have the right to say it.”

Obviously, Carter doesn’t realize that families in Aurora as well as the entire state of Colorado, and the entire world, are still shocked by the events of July 20, and nearly three months later, he doesn’t think it was, as the old adage goes, too soon.

On Tuesday morning, Carter, who deleted the offending tweet, posted an apology:


Maybe the Broncos should ship his ass to the Cleveland Browns. Then he’ll really be sorry.


5 comments on “Broncos Cornerback Mocks Jessica Ghawi's Death On Twitter

  1. Daric brown says:

    Where was Jessica Ghawi mentioned in that tweet? there are 12 who died that night not she alone his tweet might be tactless but this article is making a mountain out of a molehill!

  2. plain dealer says:

    Yet another example of the pu-$$ification of America. If Tony Carter wants people to pray for him when he’s at a late-night Denver movie, it’s probably a good idea because 12 people got kilt at a late-night Denver movie this past summer. People should probably pray for all Colorado high school students before they go to school every day because several years ago, these creeps that called themselves The Trenchcoat Mafia kilt a ton of students at Columbine.

    Grow up, America. Words don’t hurt people, people hurt people, and $h!+ happens

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