Game On For Jamie Dukes, Randy Cross In Atlanta

Former Falcons offensive lineman Jamie Dukes will be suiting up once again in Atlanta, as the NFL Network analyst has been named the co-host of the midday show on the new WZGC-FM/”92.9 The Game,” which debuts October 24.

CBS Radio has been constructing several FM sports talk radio stations in major and large markets, and Atlanta is no exception. Two weeks from today, WZGC-FM will become “92.9 The Game,” and the lineup for the station’s main dayparts has been released.

Among the notable personalities that will be heard on “The Game” is Randy Cross, a longtime pro and college football analyst for CBS Sports who currently resides in nearby Alpharetta, GA. He will be joined in morning drive by NBA TV studio host Rick Kamla, also an Atlanta resident, and CJ Simpson, a local radio veteran who was one half of the team of “Murph Dawg and C.J.”

The midday program on “The Game” will be led by Jamie Dukes, a former offensive lineman for three NFL teams including the Falcons, who has been an analyst for NFL Network for seven years and counting. I would imagine the new radio gig shouldn’t have any effect on his status at NFLN. (I mean, if Michael Strahan can do two television shows on two different coasts every week…) Plus, Dukes had previously co-hosted a sports radio show with Christopher Rude in the 2000’s, including the time he started on NFLN. Atlanta media journalist Rodney Ho was one of the first people to speculate a possible hiring of Dukes by the station back when plans of the launch of a sports radio channel only called “Sports Radio 92.9” were in their infancy. (As for me, well, I guess you can say I was right about an NFL Network veteran being hired by a new CBS Radio sports station – just the person and the town are different.) Dukes’ partner on the midday show will be Jerome Jurenovich, an Emmy-winning sports anchor for Fox Sports South who had previously toiled at Fox Sports Radio.

As for afternoon drive, it will be another gentleman named Dukes (won’t that be confusing to listeners?), Houston sports radio vet Carl Dukes; Rachel Baribeau, who comes via an ESPN Radio affiliate in Birmingham, AL; and Kordell Stewart, the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback – and, oh yeah, he’s married to one of the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta.”

In addition, the name of Atlanta sportscaster Bob Neal is being bounced around as one of the several contributors and substitute hosts for “The Game.”

When it debuts on October 24, Atlanta will have three local sports radio stations, including Cumulus’ WCNN/”680 The Fan” (which will be carrying some programming from the new CBS Sports Radio network – and notice how CBS couldn’t name their new FM sports radio property in Atlanta “The Fan”) and Lincoln Financial Media’s WQXI/”790 The Zone.”

Pardon the pun, but we know which one of these stations will be putting up their Dukes from day one.

UPDATE: The better-known Dukes has made his first public comments via Twitter as to what listeners can expect from his show, and the new station in general: “We haven’t had a chance to discuss what we are going to do on this show, but know you all will be a part of it. You will be able to follow online and get a chance to make your case. That includes all you whiners. All I ask is that you be civil. If you heard me say something on the [NFL] network, we can talk about it on the show. Kickoff will be October 24.”

One comment on “Game On For Jamie Dukes, Randy Cross In Atlanta

  1. grip says:

    Why are there so many people on this station that have no connection to atlanta sports, carl Dukes is a self proclaimed cowboys fan and randy cross admitted on air that he doesnt like the nba? If you have a problem being a hawks braves or falcons on air fan, please go back where you came from we do not wont you here.

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