Gerry Sandusky Laments Abridged "Career Path" Thanks To Jerry Sandusky

Baltimore sports broadcaster Gerry Sandusky admits, “I believe my career path will never expand the way I had hoped.” Since former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky (no relation) was indicted in 2011, Gerry has endured continuous humiliation, and even a flinching from Dick Ebersol.

When you’re the sports director of a television station for a quarter-century and doing radio play-by-play for an NFL franchise, life has to be good.

Unless, of course, you share both the first and last name with a convicted pedophile.

Such is the predicament that Gerry Sandusky found himself in once news broke about the Penn State scandal. Even though the first letter of his name is different than that of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State football coach, it’s still the same pronunciation as that of Jerry Sandusky.

Seriously, go and Google “Gerry Sandusky” in quotes. Add a word such as “wife” or “wiki” to the search box, and you will get information pertaining to Jerry with a “J”. Gerry Sandusky is emphatic that he is Gerry with a “G”.

Just a few days removed from the monster Jerry Sandusky being sentenced to three to six decades in prison, virtually assuring he’ll eventually die there, the sports broadcasting professional, Gerry Sandusky, the radio voice of the Baltimore Ravens, was preparing for this weekend’s home game against the Dallas Cowboys.

A Dallas sports journalist asked Gerry Sandusky the inevitable question about his being confused with Jerry Sandusky. He recalled on a Sunday night last year, on the heels of Jerry Sandusky’s indictment, how he had introduced himself to Dick Ebersol, former NBC Sports chairman. And how Ebersol responded by flinching.

Realizing that no national broadcasting network, television or radio, could ever hire the namesake of an infamous felon for their coverage, Gerry Sandusky came to a catharsis.

“I believe my career path will never expand the way I had hoped.”

And if that comment is not facetious, then it’s a shame, since, at 51, Gerry Sandusky is in the prime of his career. If he was legitimately pursuing a broadcasting career outside of the Mid-Atlantic, only to have his dreams shattered thanks to a sick individual with a name strikingly similar to his, I would imagine it would be hard finding work, too. Gerry Sandusky should be fortunate that he’s got 25 years of experience under his belt, but in reality, it shouldn’t have to be that way – because someone should have blown the whistle on Jerry Sandusky a long time ago.

While Gerry Sandusky is beloved in Ravens country, it’s sad that he and his wife and kids have to be confined to Baltimore, Jack.

All because of the hated Jerry Samdusky.

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