Video: Heath Evans Misses Kara Henderson

Heath Evans was so incensed about losing a debate on “NFL Total Access” that he openly asked for former NFL Network personality Kara Henderson to return to the show.

Last week, we told you what became of former NFL Network personality Kara Henderson.

This week, one NFL Network analyst was actually pining for her return Рon the air.

On Wednesday’s edition of “NFL Total Access,” there was an “Instant Debate” segment, in which Andrew Siciliano and Lindsay Rhodes served a few pieces of raw football discussion meat to Darren Sharper and Heath Evans.

At the conclusion, Siciliano asked, “Who won?” Rhodes motioned at Sharper, and Siciliano lethargically voiced his agreement, citing Sharper’s ability to recall “memorable moments” from past games of teams that were discussed in the segment. Evans suggested that Sharper, who was in the midst of a victory dance, won by means of “liberal nonsense.”

“Let’s have a voting system here,” Evans cried.

As Siciliano threw it to a commercial break, you could hear Evans say: “This is ridiculous. Where’s Kara Henderson? I need her back.”

That line made Siciliano temporarily lose his concentration in teasing a segment about whether or not Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw will be as successful this week against the 49ers as he was last week against the Browns.

Then, you heard Rhodes say, “Things just got rough.” Siciliano countered with, “All right, you go to your corner.” It is unclear if Evans and Sharper were engaging in an altercation, playful or otherwise, or if the mere mention of Henderson’s name is now taboo on NFLN’s airwaves, since she’s no longer an employee.

Whatever it is, we wish there was five more seconds of video so we can figure out just what the heck happened.

You’ll see that closed captions are enabled on this clip – that’s because toward the end, Evans’ utterance of the name “Kara Henderson” turns into “Herb Anderson.”

Great. Something else Heath Evans can get angry about.

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