Video: Angry Nationals Fan Yells "Bullshit" On Live Shot

An angry Nationals fan voiced his displeasure during a live shot on a Washington TV station after the Nats’ loss to the St. Louis Cardinals in the National league Divisional Series.

Friday night’s stunning come-from-behind victory for the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLDS was even more stunning for the Washington Nationals, who at one point led 6-0.

And many Nationals fans aren’t necessarily pleased about the outcome, either.

After the game, local CBS affiliate WUSA had cut into “Craig Ferguson” with the breaking news that the Nats were eliminated – but it took awhile to establish a live shot, what with disgruntled Nats fans heading for home.

“I was hesitant, because there was so much swearing and cursing out here,” reporter Ken Molestina said to viewers. “That’s how upset these fans are.

“But I trust that this man will not swear or curse on television,” Molestina continued, giving a cue to a middle-aged man in a Nationals jacket with a vow that “I’ll try” not to swear or curse.

And as if on cue, as the man-on-the-street-outside-the-park described his feelings for Molestina and viewers at home, one gang member appeared to be successful at swearing and cursing on television.

You can see that right after the angry fan jumped in and yelled, “Yo, that’s bullshit!,” he had to be restrained out of the live shot. Meanwhile, the fan being interviewed never missed a beat. “That wasn’t me,” he told Molestina.

I’m sure that might have been what many Nationals fans were at around half past midnight on Saturday morning – but they probably know better than to take those profane thoughts to the airwaves and psosibly jeopardize the license of a station that was being very precautious to do a live shot in the first place.

That’s not Natitude.

2 comments on “Video: Angry Nationals Fan Yells "Bullshit" On Live Shot

  1. Kyle says:

    Haha it was me

  2. Kyle says:

    And no I’m not a gang member buddie

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