Dan Patrick Leaves Fox Sports For NBC Sports Network

Fox Sports Networks has abruptly dropped the television simulcast of “The Dan Patrick Show” as both sides could not agree to a new deal. Expect the video version of the NBC employee’s radio show to resurface on NBC Sports Network very soon.

On the final day of August, I tipped you. It was a tip weighed heavily with logic, but it was a tip nonetheless.

On Tuesday, this tip had started to materialize.

That’s because the TV simulcast of Dan Patrick’s radio show is no longer being carried by Fox Sports Networks as of the end of Tuesday’s broadcast. The video version of Patrick’s radio show is still available to DirecTV subscribers.

A Fox Sports executive says that they “couldn’t agree to terms of a new deal” with Patrick.

Of course, this does not mean that you’ll now have to get DirecTV to watch his program, because according to sources, there’s already a plan in place to have the simulcast via NBC Sports Network.

Think about it: Patrick is already an NBC employee. And NBC Sports Network is in dire need of programming that can draw viewers, and Patrick has proven since his days at ESPN that he can do that.

Once “The Dan Patrick Show” is up and running on NBCSN, there is but one more shoe that has to drop. Currently, the radio show itself is syndicated by Clear Channel’s Premiere Networks, in association with DirecTV. You can bet that NBC Sports Radio, currently on the air with only a handful of daily programs, will do everything in their power to grab the radio distribution rights to Dan Patrick’s show. Then, and only then, will NBC Sports Radio Network finally go 24/7.

It’s exactly what’s happening with Jim Rome. After joining CBS Sports for a daily television show on CBS Sports Network as well as other assignments for CBS Sports and Showtime, there was a report that he would leave his longtime radio syndicator, Premiere Networks, with whom his current deal expires at the end of the year, and bring his radio show to CBS Sports Radio Network, which launches its 24/7 lineup on January 2. And while Rome’s popular radio show does not have a TV simulcast (yet), he did host a television show for Fox Sports Net at one time (“The Last Word,” anyone?).

So expect “The Dan Patrick Show” to air daily on NBC Sports Network, weekday mornings at 9 AM ET, right after “The ‘Lights.”

And in the meantime, we’ll wait for the lights to dim on Premiere’s radio deal with Dan Patrick.

UPDATE, 11.4.12: “The Dan Patrick Show” returns to cable television on Monday, November 5, on NBC Sports Network. In addition to the live 9 AM-12 Noon ET simulcast, NBCSN will also be airing a one-hour best-of show at 4 PM ET weekdays.

In anticipation of Patrick’s move to NBC Sports Network, the channel position for NBC Sports Network has moved on DirecTV – which, incidentally, has a major stake in Patrick’s radio show. DirecTV subscribers can now find NBCSN on Channel 220 as of Sunday, November 4.

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