Blame Canada: Jen Royle Bludgeoned By Blue Jays Bloggers, Fans Over John Farrell Red Sox News

Emmy-winning baseball blogger Jen Royle, shown here talking to then-Red Sox manager Terry Francona, has received flak from fans and even fellow bloggers up North over her preliminary reporting of Blue Jays manager John Farrell joining the Red Sox to be their skipper.

Over the weekend, Toronto Blue Jays manager John Farrell was effectively traded to the Boston Red Sox.

So what led to this rare, inter-divisional deal that sees the former Red Sox pitching coach (2006-2010) return to the team to become their new manager after serving two seasons as the Jays’ skipper?

Back on September 28, Jen Royle, who has covered major league baseball for the last decade on networks such as ESPN, MASN and YES Network (she won an Emmy Award for her work at the latter network) and is currently based in Boston and covering the Red Sox for, had tweeted that she was “hearing the Blue Jays would be willing to depart with Farrell as long as they’re compensated.

“Farrell and [Blue Jays] GM [Alex Anthopoulos] aren’t exactly BFF’s,” she added.

This led to several unsavory tweets from Blue Jays fans and followers – and even a Blue Jays blogger who just happens to blog for, as well. The tweets read something like this:

On Saturday morning, Royle reported on Twitter that the Red Sox “will get to talk to” Farrell for the managerial job that was vacant when Bobby Valentine was let go after one year of a two-year contract. Then she added: “I’m guessing he tells [Red Sox GM] Ben [Cherington] something like, ‘Get me out of Canada immediately!'”

It was written, she says, as a joke, and not a stab at Canada. Of course, she had a hard time trying to tell that to Blue Jays fans:

And not only did Blue Jays fans as well as the Canuck media not get the joke, they misconstrued Royle’s comment altogether. “She chose to imply that Canada is not a fun place to work for a MLB manager.” Really, Matt Fraser?

And once again, the wealth of opinion that is “Chirpy McChirpson” chimed in:

So when it was confirmed that Farrell would indeed become the next Red Sox manager, with the Blue Jays receiving Sox infielder Mike Aviles as compensation, according to a report, Royle seized the opportunity to turn a stab at her reputation (“you’re the bitch of the sports world”) and turn it into “victory is mine”:

And with that, I believe Royle is in need of an apology from those that piled on and mocked her body of work. And I’m not alone:

And while Royle was the first to report disagreement between Farrell and the Blue Jays front office, she did give credit where it’s due to those that did break the news on Saturday night of Farrell joining the Sox. This despite her speculating back on the first of the month that the Sox would “try to trade [with] Toronto” for Farrell.

She also tweeted this: “Professionals in Toronto discredited my Farrell to the Sox report because I’m a female. Shame on you.”

And she’s still waiting for an apology.

You know  who you are.

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