Erin Andrews Shrugs Off Twitter Bully

A Twitter user identified as Hyun Chung has been addressing threatening tweets toward Fox’s Erin Andrews over the past week, including: “If you don’t stop what you are doing, I will send people.” Andrews opined that cases like Chung is “why Twitter needs policing.”

Remember when Erin Andrews used to draw Twitter followers that were laughably nuts – like our dear departed friend, @ESPNSteve?

Well, this is no laughing matter.

It appears the sickies have started to follow Andrews over to Fox.

On Monday, Andrews brought to her followers’ attention a tweet from one Hyun K. Chung. Prefacing it with the comment, “Why Twitter needs policing,” she redistributed a portion of a tweet that read something like this: “You make eye contact with me and I will chop you apart. You are just a bad thing to happen in this planet. Now reply.”

It was one of a series of twenty tweets that Chung had written directly to Andrews over the last week. The first was sent on a Tuesday morning – at a time that there were no Fox sports events on the air that I was aware of. “You annoy me one more time and I will let people know who you are and your genetic issue that you got from your parents.”

Chung called Andrews everything from a “bitch” to an “animal” to a “psycho” (um, look who’s tweeting) and also insisted that she was inhuman and even a “terrorist” by way of a hashtag. And there were several threats of bodily harm that I won’t repeat here, but you can read them at the end of this post.

We don’t know much about Chung, other than she watches “American Pickers,” she hates the book “Fifty Shades Of Grey,” and she’s a huge fan of Prince.

Perhaps this might lead authorities to Chung’s whereabouts: She saw Prince in concert on September 25 – which would navigate us to the United Center in Chicago.

And one of the first tweets she sent last month: “I am a patient so lying down is my job.”

My guess is she’s at some psychaitric residence in Chicago. Probably not institutionalized if they let her out to see a Prince show “on good behavior.”

Whoever she is, she’s engaging in cyberbullying – or worse.

I believe all threats should be taken seriously. That being said, Hyun Chung must be stopped.

At the very least, she should stop tweeting.

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