Eagles Playing At "Franklin Field," According To Michael Lombardi

NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi mistakenly referred to the Philadelphia Eagles’ current home as “Franklin Field.” The Eagles have played at Lincoln Financial Field since 2003; they were at Franklin Field from 1958-1970.

Sunday on “NFL GameDay Morning,” Michael Lombardi was talking to Rich Eisen about the possibility of Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid, under intense pressure to make the playoffs this season, possibly considering benching turnover-prone quarterback and recent dog owner Michael Vick in favor of rookie quarterback Nick Foles.

“That tolerance isn’t gonna last much longer,” Lombardi said, pointing out how Vick “does turn the ball over” quite often in his career – a foible that could perhaps do him in against the undefeated Atlanta Falcons.

It’s a game that the Eagles will be playing at home – though the NFL Network personality sounded a bit misguided as to exactly which home the team will be playing in.

“On a day like today, with Hurricane Sandy breaking into Franklin Field, it could be a problem,” Lombardi said.

Wait, what? Rewind that back…

Of course, everybody makes mistakes, but the priceless part of this clip is that neither Eisen nor anybody else on the “GameDay” set ever corrected Lombardi’s faux pas, which he said so nonchalantly.

Obviously, the Eagles have called Lincoln Financial Field their home for the last decade; they have not played a down in Franklin Field in 42 years.

Granted, there are still games played there: the University of Pennsylvania has been playing football there since 1895! Also, UPenn field hockey takes place there – in fact, a game scheduled for today is being played there at an earlier start time due to the impending hurricane.

So unless Michael Vick has taken up field hockey, chances are you won’t find him fumbling at Franklin Field today.

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