NBC Fail, Pro Football Talk Edition

Pro Football Talk, a property of NBC Sports, erroneously reported that Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe resigned his post as a blogger for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. He had actually been writing for the St. Paul Pioneer-Press.

Remember during the London Olympics when the #NBCFail hashtag was all the rage?

Sadly, it’s time to dust it off as one of their sports properties, and a respected one at that – and for that matter, one that rarely gets it wrong – has made two boo-boos in one post.

On Saturday morning, Chris Kluwe, Minnesota Vikings punter and noted gay rights activist, abruptly ended his blog for the St. Paul Pioneer-Press, in the wake of the paper publishing an editorial on the state’s marriage amendment, which Minnesota citizens will be voting on this Election Day. The content of the editorial apparently rubbed Kluwe the wrong way, and he tweeted that he “will not be associated with any organization that tries to pull some bullshit like that.”

Fast forward to Saturday evening, and the bullshit that ProFootballTalk.com apparently pulled.

The popular football news and rumors website, an NBC Sports property since 2009, published an item with the following headline: “Kluwe quits Star-Tribune over gay marriage issue.”

One problem: The newspaper Kluwe blogged for was the St. Paul Pioneer Press, founded in 1849. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, which opened for business eighteen years later, does not employ any Vikings players that we know of.

And to make matters worse, when Pro Football Talk posted the link to their Twitter account, not only did they erroneously name the Star-Tribune as Kluwe’s former newspaper, they misspelled the word “quits,” as in “quites.”

Many eagle-eyed Twitter followers noticed one or both errors – including Michael Rand, who only happens to work for the paper that PFT had mistakenly passed off as Kluwe’s former employer:

More Twitter reaction to NBC/PFT’s two fails for the price of one:

Apparently, somebody over at Pro Football Talk finally realized that there was something inaccurate about the story and the corresponding tweet, and within an hour, they posted a new link (the URL bearing the words “pioneer press” instead of “star tribune”) to a story that had all four references to “Star-Tribune” replaced with “Pioneer-Press.”

But was the respective¬†tweet entirely corrected? Well, not quit…

Here’s hoping that if an NFL team adds kicker Neil Rackers to their roster, Mike Florio doesn’t write that the team has actually signed Neil Young.

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