VIDEO: Tony Corrente Yells "G** Dammit" On Mic, Kevin Harlan Apologizes


Referee Tony Corrente drops a “GD” bomb during the Dolphins/Colts game on November 4, 2012.

It looked like a scene from “The Longest Yard.”

It sounded like the NFL was still in replacement ref mode.

Whatever the case, Tony Corrente, currently in his eighteenth season as a referee in the National Football League, should know better.

Late in the Indianapolis Colts/Miami Dolphins game, Corrente (99) was arguing with Tony Michalek (115), and was so agitated, he was overheard saying, “G** dammit” to the CBS viewing audience.

Which led to a Kevin Harlan reaction: “Ooooh! … We’d like to apologize for that; he didn’t know his microphone was on.”

Incidentally, Harlan knows a thing or two about being caught with a hot mic…

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