Schmuckgate: Robert Kraft Allegedly Dubs Bill Belichick "A Real Schmuck" Re: Spygate In New Book

In a new book authored by New York Daily News sports columnist Gary Myers (inset), New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was allegedly called “a real schmuck” by team owner Robert Kraft as news of the Spygate scandal broke.

As the hosts of a football/comedy podcast called “The Bang! Cartoon Radio Hour”like to say semi-frequently, Spygate isn’t going to go away if you keep talking about it.

Here we are, five seasons removed from that infamous camera controversy – the one that followed the New England Patriots for the entire fall of 2007, as they compiled an undefeated regular season – and the mastermind behind the scandal, head coach Bill Belichick, still isn’t living it down.

And you can read all about it this Tuesday, when “Coaching Confidential: Inside The Fraternity of NFL Coaches,” a new book penned by New York Daily News sports columnist Gary Myers, is released.

The Boston Globe’s Greg Bedard served up a juicy excerpt from the tome regarding Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and comments he made to Myers at a function a couple of years ago that until now are not quite “confidential” – but it’ll sure sell some books.

“Everybody has their idiosyncrasies, but if there is trust, that’s the key in business… You build a sense of trust so you go through rough times.

“Look what happened with this bogus thing [Spygate] with the Jets. I stood by [Belichick] pretty darn good. That was rough.”

But not as rough as the following passage, in which Myers recounts Kraft grilling his head coach about Spygate:

“How much did this help us on a scale of 1 to 100?”


“Then you’re a real schmuck.”

I suppose Kraft could have called him worse – or done worse, like firing him. But the owner said that never crossed his mind.

“I know him,” Kraft said of Belichick. “I’m not saying he was a choir boy.”

I’m sure one Vincent Shenocca would agree.

Anyway, the book, which is also available at (because really, who rushes to brick-and-mortar bookstores these days?), also has chapters covering other headline-grabbing head coaches, including Rex Ryan, Andy Reid, and Sean Payton in the wake of his own team’s Bountygate scandal.

But certainly, Gary Myers doesn’t want anybody to forget about Spygate.

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