For A Good Time, Follow Peter King

NBC/SI’s Peter King intended to send his phone number to agent David Canter over Twitter via direct message – and he ended up posting it in a public tweet instead.

Certainly, there’s no shortage of public figures who have tweeted something that they wished they never did. From death threats to other public figures, to inadvertently presenting your private parts, Twitter can serve as a door into a famous person’s psyche you wish you never opened in the first place.

Then there are your innocent Twitter mistakes. Like, for example, intending to send your phone number in a direct message and instead end up sending it as a tweet – so that thousands of followers could publicly view your potentially private phone number.

It happens to the best of us. Charlie Sheen did it late last year. Lance Armstrong did it just a few weeks ago.

The latest victim: Sports Illustrated columnist and NBC Sports personality Peter King.

At just after 4 PM ET, he intended to send a direct message to David Canter, an agent who represents or has once represented athletes from Eric Weddle to Stephen Davis. The tweet starts “davidcanter:”, suggesting King had likely sent the message mobilely, but neglected to enter the “D” before the username.

Alas, this is what happened when he didn’t:

We’re not sure when King realized the text faux pas. Probably when his phone started ringing off the hook.

Which would probably make it difficult for Canter to reach out to King. So, once he found out about the issue…

Canter sent Deadspin to do his dirty work…

We can only assume Canter and King have had that long anticipated discussion by now.

That is, if the stream of jokers dialing King’s digits had died down.

Gee, I wonder if Rick Reilly is going to claim responsibility for Peter King’s mishap?

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