The Eagles Are Putting Philadelphia Sports Radio Hosts To Sleep

WIP host Brian Startare admitted that he could barely stay awake while watching the Eagles’ sixth straight loss against the Washington Redskins.

The Philadelphia Eagles, who have not won a game since the night they honored Brian Dawkins in a victory over the division rival New York Giants (that was the final day of September – even the Phillies, who have long been on the golf course, have picked up a win since then), enter Thanksgiving with a six-game losing streak, all but guaranteeing Andy Reid’s goose is cooked as the team’s head coach.

But if it wasn’t enough that the Eagles have allowed eleven passing touchdowns and a third more points, and made zero interceptions since the firing of defensive/offensive/defensive-again coordinator Juan Castillo over the bye week; if it wasn’t enough that Reid’s undefeated post-bye-week record coming to an end this season; or if it wasn’t enough that rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III posting a perfect 158.3 passer rating in a game that sends the team to a 3-7 overall record and last place in the NFC East, perhaps this development might factor into the decision for team owner Jeffrey Lurie to relieve Reid of his duties sooner rather than later:

The Philadelphia Eagles are so bad, they’re even putting local sports radio hosts to sleep.

“I watched [the game] with my brother today,” WIP host Brian Startare told a caller, “and we were both nudging each other to stay awake.”

Now, if that right there doesn’t tell you that the team has to move into a new direction, I don’t know what will.

After all, sports talk radio in the Philadelphia market is in a class by itself. And we wouldn’t want Andy Reid’s losing ways to rub off on that, now, would we?

So, Mr. Lurie, take one for the team – the sports radio landscape in the City of Brotherly Love – and please, fire Andy Reid, before the local hosts are too tired to even assault cabdrivers.

Thank you.

Looks like the tryptophan in that turkey you’ll be eating this Thanksgiving has its work cut out for it this year.

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