Video: Chris Myers Announces "Panthers Win" As Buccaneers Prevail In Overtime

Fox’s Chris Myers momentarily thought he was at a different game, when he erroneously called a Carolina Panthers win following a Tampa Bay Buccaneers touchdown in overtime.

Maybe Chris Myers is still smarting from the fact that the last game he called ended in a tie score.

In what proved to be an exciting overtime affair, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers erased an eleven-point deficit against the Carolina Panthers, then scored on a go-ahead touchdown by Dallas Clark for the victory over their division rival in Charlotte. (Per NFL regular season overtime rules, the first team to score a touchdown wins the game; the team that wins the coin toss may opt for a field goal, but risks the opponent tying the score or possibly winning the game outright).

Once again, your final from Bank of America Stadium, Buccaneers 27, Panthers 21.

Unless you were listening to Chris Myers’ call of the game on Fox.

(Video via The Big Lead)

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